Horoscope Report December 11, 2023 by Jennifer Angel

Welcome to the week of December 11, 2023

The week commences with an astral sextile planetary interaction bringing opportunities and in particular creative options that will relate to favorable financial remuneration. So, be on the lookout and watchful for possibilities and opportunities that cross your path. And once you see something you resonate with, don’t dillydally, because it can just as easily pass you by, so you will want to get onto it straight away. 

Shortly after, also at the start of the week, the new Moon is in Sagittarius, which means the Moon and the Sun are both in Sagittarius at the same degree, further highlighting possibilities and opportunities that provide options for you to consider. And with this new Moon, the energy prompts you to look further than just right now. For instance, what is it that you see yourself doing in one or two or even five years, and is what you’re doing right now leading you in that direction in some way? And remember, everything we do serves our purpose in one way or another. So, if you feel that you are stuck and not heading in the direction of your dreams, then find a way to reframe it so you can see something about your present situation, which is going to help you get to where you want to go.

The big news this week is Mercury is entering its last retrograde transit for the year commencing on the 13th in the sign of Capricorn. In this sign, it can be all about business, and what a great time to get organized, because a Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to plan, get your thoughts together, and set your intentions in place. Take into consideration how much you achieved this year, and even if you didn’t achieve everything on your to-do list or your goals, hopes, and dreams, take note of the things that you did achieve and make that you’re starting point for your goals and intentions for 2024.

Finally, right at the end of this week, over the weekend, the powerful energy of the sun will square Neptune. A square is traditionally a challenging astral aspect, but not so much between the Sun and Neptune. This is a good time to be mindful of your realizations and expectations, and to be realistic, particularly in the timeframe of when you want things to come together. With Neptune, your imagination and instincts are heightened, and it is best to be a little flexible. This energy is highly beneficial for visualization, so once you get your goals and intentions set, then start visualizing your outcome and stepping into that outcome through a positive mindset.

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