HOROSCOPE MAY 27, 2024 by Jennifer Angel

Welcome to the of week May 27. Let’s see what’s going on in the sky and the stars this week.

It’s a very quiet week with planetary movement. As such, it will give you a chance to catch up, review, tweak, and see where you are so you can make some changes necessary and beneficial to help you move forward. It’s been a very busy month with lots of activity, with some very powerful aspects, especially with the Sun and Jupiter and Venus and Jupiter being two of the most advantageous, beneficial aspects of the entire year.

I hope each and every one of you has seen some development in your life, and of course, for that development to be heading in the direction of your heart and soul.

Early in the week, Jupiter will make its move from Taurus where it’s been for the last 12 months and will ingress into the sign of Gemini. Jupiter makes a move once a year and will stay in a sun sign for the entire year, so it is a significant planetary influence when Jupiter transits to the next sign. It visits each sign every 12 years, hence it’s important to see how this will influence each sign and also in your personal birth chart.

Midweek, Mercury, the planet of communication, creativity, and education, will sextile with Saturn. The sextile planetary interactional aspect opens up the possibilities, options, and opportunities in life. In this sense with Saturn involved, it could very well be about business, your career, also authority, or government at some level.

It is good to be mindful this week to notice any options that are presented to you because the energy can be there, but if you don’t take any notice of it, chances are it can just as easily pass you by. Be aware of what’s happening around you, any coincidences of serendipity, chance meetings. Be prepared to make a decision, knowing that if you notice and don't make a decision, then that really is a decision in itself, right?

This week is a time to be mindful of what you have, and how far you have come. Decide on what you want, and strategically lay out the journey to arrive at your desired destination.

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