HOROSCOPE MAY 20, 2024 by Jennifer Angel

Welcome to the week of May 20. Let’s get started and see what the stars bring to us this week.

First off, the Sun will make its transit from the sign of Taurus, and transit to Gemini. Happy Birthday, Gemini! This is a great time in the Star chart. Keep an open mind and open heart for what comes next. Midweek Venus will also make her move from Taurus into Gemini. These placements in Gemini are positive, so be optimistic about life and what comes next. And be mindful that nothing stays the same forever, and right now it is in the stars that development and changes can happen, so get ready to move with the energy.

There is a full Moon this weekend in Sagittarius, which means the Moon is in Sagittarius and the Sun is opposite in Gemini. The Sagittarian Moon as a fire sign, has a lot of get up and go about it, which can uncover anything not working well for you. It can highlight it further, as well as people in your life who are not serving you, as well.

You have a chance to change with this full Moon because the full Moon is a trigger point and can rock your boat, which can provide you with an opportunity to do a cleanout, physically and emotionally. Sagittarius and Gemini are both mutual signs, however, be mindful that the Sagittarian energy is like having a truth serum. Your words, thoughts, and views can come out candidly, and sometimes in a hurtful way. However, the Sun in Gemini does help to soften the energy because it’s more light-hearted, but it’s worth noting to try to edit your words before you say anything.

Last week we had a connection between the Sun and Jupiter, one of if not the most, beneficial interactions of the entire year. This week, we have Venus and Jupiter connecting, which personally is one of my favorite planetary aspects. To put this into perspective, Jupiter is the planet of abundance, expansion, growth, and transformation and Venus governs love, money, and relationships. So, when you put all that together it’s usually an extremely beneficial time. May is an advantageous position this month, making it a great time to get clarity about what you want, where you going, the journey to get there, and then to put action to it and make it happen.

At the same time, towards the end of the week, Venus and Jupiter will both Sextile with the inspirational planet of Neptune, and once again a highly advantageous connection, particularly as Neptune is the planet of inspiration, intuition, spirituality, and inner wisdom. Whatever happens next, whatever it is in your life, be mindful to pay attention to how it feels and tune in with your intuition.

On the weekend of the 25th and 26th, with Venus in a Trine aspect with Pluto, another lucky interaction, along the lines of if it is meant to be it will work out. A connection between these two brings up an element of integrity, which connects with the energy of the full Moon of being honest and taking responsibility for yourself. Next, to be mindful of who and what you want in your life. Venus is the planet that governs relationships, money, and love, so once again it is a very powerful interaction to conclude this week.

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