HOROSCOPE MAY 13, 2024 by Jennifer Angel

Welcome to May 13. Let’s see what influence the planets are going to have on our lives this week.

The week commences with a connection between the Sun and Uranus, which are too very powerful planetary and luminary influences. As this activity is in the sign of Taurus things can happen all of a sudden with the Uranus energy, which Taurus doesn’t like, so there’s a little bit of a conflict of energy here. However, it is best to just go with it and endeavor to push any anxiety aside and see how things develop.

There are a lot of energy placements and interactions associated with the Sun in Taurus this week, so stand by for what takes place next. It can be surprisingly good, so it is not a time to start worrying. It is a time to just get out of your own way, and see what comes to fruition.

At the same time, Venus the planet of love and money, will interact in what’s called an astral sextile planetary interaction with Saturn. The sextile brings options opportunities and possibilities and with these two planets in the sign of Taurus, and Saturn in the water sign of Pisces. Once again this is a message to step aside and be somewhat of a witness to see what’s going on rather than step in and try to control things. It does seem to be and feel like things are going on underneath, with plans negotiations, and perhaps some compromises, before everything falls into place. Be patient and keep a positive mindset.

As the week moves forward, Mercury will make its move from Aries to earth sign Taurus, which does help to ground matters that are in process. Mercury, the planet of communication, creativity, and education makes this a great time to proceed with any intellectual pursuits that you have been thinking of. This energy will be particularly beneficial for projects that return and have perhaps been put on the back burner and can provide a good financial income now and for the future.

Over the weekend of the 18th and 19th, the Sun will conjunct with Jupiter. This is one of the most, if not the most, luckiest and most beneficial astral aspects between the powerful Sun and the planet Jupiter for the entire year. Once again, this is all taking place in the sign of Taurus. This position in the chart is very much about financial gain, and it is also very much about your wellness and how worthy you feel about attracting what you want in life. Hence, a great time to go with and break down some of those barriers that perhaps have been blocking your progress.

At the end of the weekend, the Sun will interact with Neptune, which is a highly intuitive and inspirational energy. So, putting all this together this is a week to notice opportunities and to break down emotional blocks that may be holding you back from recognizing and accepting opportunities that cross your path.

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