Horoscope report November 27, 2023

This week of Nov. 27th kicks off with the full Moon in the sign of Gemini, so this is a great time just to reevaluate things and talk things over with friends or a business partner. Ensure you are confiding in people who know what they’re talking about, you want to make sure that you discuss your business, whether it is personal or professional, with people who can provide good advice, and secondly, people who are confidential.

For the full Moon, that means that the Moon and the Sun are opposite, and in this case, the Moon is in Gemini, which means the Sun is opposite in Sagittarius. Both signs love to gather knowledge. Gemini is communicative and creative, and Sagittarius is inspirational and insightful. Together, they love to gather knowledge. Gemini can talk on any topic, perhaps not in depth on all topics, but certainly can converse on general knowledge and current affairs. Sagittarius' interest is more expansive, deeper, and philosophical, leading to broader horizons and transformational self-growth and self-development.

At the same time as the full Moon, Mercury will interact with Neptune in a square formation, which traditionally is somewhat challenging, but not so much between these two planets. Also in mutable signs, it’s a lot softer square. Mercury is in Sagittarius, so communication is likely to be far more direct and to the point. Neptune is in Pisces, so it has a very imaginative inspirational feeling about it. A square aspect in this sense can actually help you just keep things grounded, and not float out into the never never land.

During the weekend Mercury will make his move from the knowledge seeker of Sagittarius into the more business-oriented sign of Capricorn where things can get quite serious, and in a way that you can want to set down plans and get organized.

To conclude the week, Mercury, the thinking planet, will sextile with Saturn. The sextile astral aspect is known to open options, possibilities, and opportunities. Mercury brings news and Saturn sets solid foundations. So, all good, and even though this is a light week with planetary interactions, it certainly has enough punch to get things accomplished!

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