Horoscope Report December 18, 2023 by Jennifer Angel

The week commences with Mercury in a favorable Trine astral aspect with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, however, as Mercury is retrograde, prepare for unfinished business to come up. This is a great chance to clear energy. Once you can clear the energy and let go of past 'stuff', you will create a void and make room for something new and better to come in. Your attraction power will be more powerful. 

Later in the week, the powerful energy of the Sun will make its transition from fire sign Sagittarius to earth sign Capricorn, where it’s all about getting down to business. However, as we are heading into the holiday season, the Sun in Capricorn is great for organization and closing off this year, while getting ready to start the next year strong. Make sure you make use of this shift in energy in a positive and productive way 

At the same time, Mercury, the planet of creativity, communication, and education, will make its move from Capricorn back into Sagittarius in its retrograde transit. And although Mercury in Capricorn is all about business and getting organized, as it heads back to Sagittarius, it’s a little lighter and more fun-loving, and after all this is the holiday season. 

Planet Venus, sextiles Pluto, opening up opportunities that can be great for your future as well as financially viable. Pay attention to discussions and meetings that take place. At the same time this week, on 21 December, Venus will also interact with Uranus, in opposition. And this means anything can happen, and it probably will, and most likely be unexpected, which could be a very nice surprise, so stay positive. 

The week concludes at the end of the weekend with the Sun in the sextil with Saturn, which can open up opportunities and possibilities. With the Sun in Capricorn being more serious and the Capricorn ruler Saturn in Pisces, this is a lesson to get organized, get specific, get your planning in place, and then let it go. With the Capricorn earth sign energy, when you hold on too tightly and get so involved in the HOW, then it can block the energy. So with the Pisces energy involved here, it is good to get your thoughts in place, and then let it go. Believe that it is going to happen. 

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