Horoscope planetary report, April 22 2024, by Jennifer Angel

Welcome to the week of April 22nd.

There is a full Moon this week on the 23rd, and it's in Scorpio. So, a full Moon in Scorpio is very intense energy, and in a way that it can get your attention. It's a message to think big, and ask bigger questions like; why am I here? What am I doing? What do I want to do next? What is the journey to get to where I want to end up, and what is the difference I want to make in my life, and possibly in the lives of others? And how can I devise a plan so I stay on track? So this is great energy to get clear and your life and what you want.

The full Moon in Scorpio can also cover anything that you need to see, especially if something is hidden, as it is likely to be revealed, so you will know what's going on, and be able to make more informed decisions for yourself. So, even though this can be an intense energy time with some challenges, it's also a beautiful time that can sorta force you to make changes.

Mercury will finally come out of its retrograde - yay! It is stationary direct, and it does feel like it's been in retrograde for a long time, even though it has been the usual 3-week period.  It is now in the part of the transit called the shadow, but it is separating, rather than applying, in other words, coming out of retrograde, so it is a much softer energy, not as intense. It can take a little while for Mercury Retrograde energy to clear totally, with everything feeling like it's running more smoothly in your life.

Be kind to yourself and patient with others, while planetary energy balances.

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