Horoscope July 31 2023- Plus all 12 signs

This week commences with a few astral aspects on the 1st of August. First, there is a full Moon in Aquarius, which means the Moon is in Aquarius and the Sun is opposite in Leo. This full Moon will help you to focus attention on yourself and more importantly, on where you feel you are in your life and where you want to be, and to make decisions to head in that direction. It highlights free-thinking independence and taking control of your life, while also setting boundaries for yourself.

On the same day, there is a Trine astral aspect between Mars and Jupiter. The Trine aspect is representative of an easy passage. Things can tend to fall into place when under the influence of a Trine. However, you do need to be aware of a few things. First, notice opportunities that are coming your way and tune into the Jupiter energy by being grateful for options that present opportunities, possibilities, or chance meetings, and be appreciative of any financial windfalls or extra cash that comes your way.

Secondly, get out of your own way. And what I mean by this is don’t overthink things too much. The action-orientated Mars energy will help, however, with Mars in Virgo, a thinking sign, there is a chance of overthinking things and when you do that, it can just clog everything down and stop the momentum. So, getting out of your own way is to trust your instincts. When you get those flashes of insight, trust them without trying to over-analyze. Use the Mars energy to put action to thoughts and then, once you put action to things then that helps to concrete them more and make it real. In a way, it lets the universal energy know you are serious about what you want for yourself and your life.

Later, on the same day, August 1st, Mercury, the planet of communication creativity and education, will interact with Saturn in Pisces in opposition to Mercury, in Virgo. Combined with the other aspects that are happening this week, I like this interaction because Mercury is transiting through one of the signs it rules, Virgo, a thinking sign that is very much about planning, getting organized, and making decisions. As Mercury interacts with Saturn in Pisces, a highly intuitive sign, this helps you to tune in to your instincts and the energy of Saturn assists in making your plans real so they can actually happen.

The week concludes on Sunday the 6th with a square, which is traditionally a challenging aspect, between the Sun in Leo and Jupiter in Taurus. The Sun rules Leo so it is comfortable and powerful in this position. And as the Taurus energy is ruled by Venus, we have an energy combination of the Sun, Jupiter and Venus. So, even though it is a square aspect, this can be beneficial in highlighting to you firstly, what’s not working because it just doesn’t feel right and secondly, highlighting options and opportunities that can be better suited for you. Your job is to notice and pay attention to what’s happening around you, want is being presented, and of course how you feel about it, and then you make your decisions to move forward.

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