Horoscopes and planetary report Week July 08 2024 by Jennifer Angel

Welcome to the week of July 8, 2024. Let’s see what the cosmos is sending us this week.

The week commences with two sextile astral aspects, which provide the energy of options, opportunities, and possibilities. Mercury and Jupiter interact as well as Venus and Uranus. First, Mercury and Jupiter bring opportunity to say what’s on your mind and present a creative option that perhaps no one else has thought of as yet. Just because no one else has mentioned it be careful of thinking it is not worthwhile, because, the energy between these two can spark unique ideas. This may be just your time to stand up and get noticed by presenting your views. This is not a time to be shy, instead believing yourself and believing what you have to offer and step up and step forward. Venus and Uranus focus the attention on relationships, and in particular, the relationship you have with money and your ability to attract what you want in life.

Next, we have two Trine astral interactions, which are easy passages of least resistance. The Sun will Trine Saturn and highlight the need for you to take control of your own life and focus your attention, for now, on your own needs. Then Venus will Trine Neptune, which is more focused on relationships, and in the first instance, the spiritual relationship that you have with yourself, your self-development, and how you can transform from where you are to the next stage in your life. Put some time aside to think this through and gain clarity.

Venus will make her way from the water sign of Cancer to the fiery energy of Leo.  Cancer being ruled by the moon highlights feminine energy and interactions with females in your life. As Venus transits to Leo, there’s a balance of feminine and masculine energy here, which is an indication for females to realize you can be a strong person, but still show your femininity. And for males, you don’t always have to be so tough and ready to stand up for everyone else, perhaps it is time that you stand up and show up for yourself.

The week concludes with an opposition between Venus and Pluto. This interaction is very good for money and excellent for taking control and taking charge of your life by doing what’s good for you, while of course, aiming for win-win outcomes.

This is a week to pull your focus back to you a little more, make sure that you are in integrity with yourself, and encourage you to follow through with what you say and do relating to your own matters, goals, and inspirations in life.

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