Horoscope July 01 2024 by Jennifer Angel

Welcome to the week of June 1st, let’s see what the stars have in store for us this week. 

Mercury is on the move, and as it transits from the sensitive water sign of Cancer to the gregarious sign of Leo, it allows you to find your voice, so you communicate more clearly and directly. This is not a time to be playing small. With Mercury now in Leo, you want to make your voice heard so you speak with confidence and certainty. 

At the same time, Mercury, which is the thinking planet, will interact with Neptune, which is inspirational energy. Venus will also interact with Neptune, and with focus on these three planets, Venus, Mercury and Neptune in what’s called a Trine astral aspect, and it’s a message to get in touch with your soul purpose. Ask yourself, what it is you really want to do in life, and to evaluate if you are heading in that direction or if you need to do a course correction. 

While this is happening, Neptune will enter a retrograde transit, and this gives you a chance to revisit anything that’s more sensitive and inspirational, or of a creative nature, to see if it’s possible to revamp, or maybe you just need to gain closure.  

Mercury will also be opposite Pluto, and this is a trigger point for discussions to take place. However, as both of these planets are transiting through fixed signs, there is a warning not to be too rigid in your thinking. Stay open to possibilities and keep a flexible mindset. 

The week concludes with a sextile interaction between Mars and Saturn, which can present possibilities and options for either your personal or professional life. And even though the energies of Mars and Saturn are opposite, with Mars being impulsive, and Saturn cautious, the intermix helps you to consider if the decisions and changes you’re contemplating right now will be good for you on a long-term basis. 

It’s a week of communication, both inward and outwardly with others.  

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