Horoscope planetary report , April 15 2024, by Jennifer Angel

Welcome to the week of April 15th.

This week commences with a conjunction between Venus and Mercury, and remember, Mercury is still retrograde. So, you want to be careful of how you approach people, particularly as this is happening in the sign of Aries, which is a motivational sign and can also be somewhat impulsive. Okay, so take a step back, six deep breaths, and see how you feel. Then give yourself time before you do or say anything.

The Sun this week will move from Aries into Taurus. Happy Birthday, Taurus. This is very, very good just to once again focus your energy back on yourself and tune into some deep realizations that could be holding you back, and keeping your success hostage from you.

There's a connection between Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, with Uranus, a planet that can be responsible for sudden developments and changes in your life. Jupiter is a very lucky planetary vibration. These two connect in an astral conjunction at the same degree in Taurus, as well. So, you don't want to dig your heels in too much. It's like that saying; do you want to win or do you want to be right? You know, sometimes you just have to let things go and look at the bigger picture and allow yourself to have an open mind to see what's really happening.

It's a packed week with things going on consistently during the week. There are two sextiles, which present opportunities, options, and possibilities, with Mars interacting with both Jupiter and Uranus. Mars and Jupiter and Mars and Uranus. Mars is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune, and Uranus and Jupiter are both in Taurus, ruled by Venus. So, this whole Venus Neptune ruling energy between these two sextiles, the planetary vibration really can open things up to be quite amazing, especially if you can get out of your own way, and step back to see what is taking place, rather than being rigid.

A lucky break can come through for you now. For instance, just when you're not looking for it, you turn the corner and you get a phone call or tap on the shoulder, and life literally can change at a moment's notice. In this sense, it can be magical and beautiful. However, do be careful of digging your heels in because Taurus of course is a fixed sign, and as the  Sun is in Taurus and will square, a challenging astral aspect, with Pluto in Aquarius, also a fixed sign. Be careful you don't get into a power struggle, and not necessarily with someone else, but with yourself.

So, as I was saying before, some things are just best let go and somebody can come up with a way of doing things that is not the same as you, but you know what, it can work and could very well be better in some way.

This is a week to avoid being judgmental or digging your heels. Be flexible with your attitude and be open to listening. 

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