Horoscope planetary report, April 08 2024, by Jennifer Angel

Welcome to the week of April the eighth.

As I mentioned last week, we are now experiencing the second Eclipse and this one is the solar eclipse in Aries. So, whatever you decided during this last eclipse, the lunar eclipse, which was in the sign of Libra, with the Sun opposite in Aries, it is very much focused on relationships. It brings the focus back to being about you. And as with one of my favorite sayings; your first responsibility in life is to yourself, this is very much about that. If you are not being true to yourself, then how can you be there for others, and be true to them, as well?

It starts with you looking within, and certainly with Mercury now Retrograde in Aries, it's a time when you can look at anything from the past that needs to be finalized and gain closure, or perhaps you're getting a realization of something significant to you, and decide to make changes. The first step is to recognize what's happening and then consider whether it is something that you want to have in your life.

It is a huge realization time, with both of these eclipses, the lunar and solar, as there is a lot of intense, life-shifting, energy.  Midweek, Mars, the planet of motivation and passion, will connect with Saturn in the sign of Pisces. Now Mars and Saturn together don't necessarily play nicely because Saturn is a pretty heavy-duty planet and it wants to hold back on the enthusiasm and impulsiveness of Mars. Meanwhile, Pisces Energy wants to go with the flow and Saturn wants to get everything in order.

There are challenges around this planetary interaction, however, it doesn't need to be a challenge. If you can work the energy together, allow yourselves to be a little flexible, and allow change to take place, it can be advantageous, in a big way. There may also be a need to with some issues to offer an apology or have an understanding or compassion, and then you can rise above and work within that beautiful soft Pisces energy, but still use the passion of Mars to push forward and the energy of Saturn to stabilize things, make them real and set solid foundations, so that's all good.

The last major aspect later in the week is a conjunction connection between the Sun and Mercury. The conjunctions are when two planets are at the same degree and in the same sign. And in this sense, there's a great deal of energy that comes with the combination of two planets. Now of course once again, Mercury is retrograde, so you want to just keep in mind that when people things, or situations that are familiar from the past, reenter your life, it can be a message to look at it a little closer, or for you to gain a greater deeper sense of realization of what it means to you. Or people can come back into your life, for you to review, reject, or embrace. With solar eclipse energy, this can be a very nice situation ready to take place.

So, be optimistic and move forward with an open heart and open mind.

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