Horoscope planetary report - April 01, 2024 by Jennifer Angel


Welcome to the week of April 1st.

So, we are between two eclipses right now, and the energy is very intense. We just had the lunar eclipse a week ago and that was in the sign of Libra, and in Libra, it is great because it's all about relationships. But because it's a lunar eclipse, which is very intense Full Moon energy, then it really can be a make-it-or-break-it time. There's no guarantee that relationships are going to be amazing or challenging, it could signify both. They could come to a head, which then gives you a chance to attain closure and be able to move on. In the other sense, then yes, it could also bring things to a head, which can make things much better and improved, as you tackle any areas that have developed cracks in your relationships. It can give you a chance to mend things so you strengthen the relationship. So, for sure, with eclipse energy things can go either way.

This week, Mercury enters its retrograde transit on April 1. And as it has been in the shadow part of the transit, many of you would have already felt the change coming on. So, for the next three weeks, we're going to be in a Mercury retrograde transit in Aries, which is good in one sense as we have to remember that there are always two sides to everything and Mercury retrograde is no different. In Aries, the downside is, that the energy can tempt you to be impulsive, so you want to make sure that you don't agree or disagree with anything until you feel good about it and until it sits nicely with you, and intuitively it feels right. On the other hand, it can help you just get organized because Mercury in Aries is about doing what's right for you, making a decision, and sticking to it. Like making a commitment and just going for it, of course, with the retrograde period, it's always a great time to research, get things together, set solid foundations, and just get organized.

As we move through the week, Venus is going to make her way out of the dreamy beautiful Pisces sun sign into the more passionate Aries sign. And at the same time, actually just before Venus makes this move, she's going to conjunct Neptune. A Venus Neptune conjunction is very romantic inspirational and fanciful. It's a time just to have fun, for sure. So, in that sense, this whole Venus vibe that's going on at the moment is very, very nice, because it's romantic as well as passionate.

So, depending on what went down for you during the eclipse, keep in mind that in one more week, we're going to have the solar eclipse. And so that could very well make a big difference because what happens during the lunar eclipse can open the door for a new start with the solar eclipse, which will also be in the sign of Aries.

Everything's going on in Aries right now, and the week will conclude with Venus in a sextile Astro aspect with Pluto. Now, the sextile opens up opportunities. Pluto likes to get real and dive down deep to see what's going on emotionally so you can deal with more critical things. You can have great realizations during this time, and breakthrough beliefs or fears that can be holding you back. 

 Venus governs relationships, and in this placement, it is more about the relationship you have with yourself, as well as the relationship you have with others. And so this can bring opportunities for change to make those relationships, the ones that mean the most to you, count. And, with the retrograde transit, don't be surprised this week if you start wondering whether certain people should stay in your life or not. It's like a spring cleaning of everything in your life, so be prepared.

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