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Zodiac Fashion 

Your Personal Style - Where You and the World Meet
Why Your Rising Sign Shapes Your Wardrobe

by Jennifer Angel

Your Sun sign is the essence of who you are, but your ascendant, also known as your rising sign, is how you portray yourself to the world. Your Sun and your rising sign play a significant role in shaping your personal zodiac fashion style.

The sign of the zodiac that was coming up over the Eastern horizon when you were born is your rising sign, and it plays a major role in your natal horoscope, your personal chart. Your chart ‘ascendant’ is the exact degree of that sign, but the terms ‘rising sign’ and ‘ascendant’ are often used interchangeably.

The rising sign is the ‘color’ or ‘style’ or ‘face’ of the personality; it’s like a window through which you view the world, and the world views you. The planet that governs your rising sign is considered the ‘chart ruler,’ (i.e. if your rising sign is Capricorn, the planet that governs Capricorn is Saturn). The sign and house your chart ruler falls in play a huge role in your personal make up. First house planets, if any, are also extremely important; they become part of your ‘style’ and how you approach & experience life.

Since your rising sign is not your core self, but the filter through which you experience that core self, it’s different to have Sagittarius rising than to have your Sun in Sagittarius, for example, but they both have an influence on your personal style. 

Here are some basic insights into the different signs and an outline of their zodiac fashion style:

Aries:  The ‘Warrior’ archetype serves to project and protect the identity. These folks are here to develop courage, channel vitality into constructive challenges and take a proactive approach to life. Aries need to face the world with their inner confidence, so feeling powerful and comfortable regardless of the setting is essential. Sleek, sporty and sexy, or power suited for the office; your physical body has to feel and look strong to let your true-self shine. Aries ruler is confident Mars and the placement of planet Mars in the chart is important.

Taurus: An earthy, solid dependability serves to ground and channel the personality into methodical, practical action. Sensuality guides expression and purpose. Serenity, simplicity and music are your allies. Taurus appreciates classic looks and sensual fabrics. Generally conservative, you care about the quality of what you wear, and buy classic brands that outlast trends. You present a grounded, practical face to the world that looks beautiful as well as expensive, all of which helps you operate at your best. Taurus ruler is Sensual Venus and the position of Venus in the chart is important.

Gemini: An inquisitive, mentally sharp and conceptual approach to life serves to engage you in an active, outwardly focused relationship with the world. Objectivity, travel and education are your allies. Gemini needs to get out into the world and mix it up a bit, so a style that is up-beat and expressive, while letting you move and multi-task, helps you be who you were meant to be. Accessories and a touch of whimsy help your personality shine. Inventive Mercury is Gemini’s ruler and the position of Mercury in the chart is important.

Cancer: A sensitive, nurturing and subjective approach to life serves to protect and channel your identity into emotionally supportive action in the world. Creativity, soul family and boundaries are your allies. Cancerdoes well with soft & sensual materials. Whatever you wear, dressing for ‘security and success’ tends to influence your personal presentation. Classic styles that compliment rather than overshadow you are best. You are elegant rather than trashy. The sensitive energy of the Moon is Cancer’s ruler and the position of the Moon in the chart is important.

Leo: A creative, proud, active enthusiasm channels your distinctiveness into a playful and powerful engagement with the world. Energizes the personality into an outward focus. Self-esteem and leadership are your allies. Leo needs to command attention! You aim for a dramatic flair in presenting yourself to the world. Feeling good in your own skin requires feeling good about how you look. You like to dress for the occasion and you don’t mind wearing a brand name to convey how successful you are. Leo’s ruler is the all-powerful Sun, and the position of the Sun in the chart is important.

Virgo: Analytical, grounded and growth orientated, you work towards self-refinement and meaningful work in the world. The development of practical skills is necessary for your self-esteem. Organization, self-acceptance and nature are your allies. As a Virgo you can be very hard on yourself when it comes to appearance. While feeling more comfortable in a neat, organized and structured look, you aim for it to be put together naturally without too much fuss. Comfort is a big factor and you are attracted to brands that are fashionable as well as functional. Virgo’s ruler is creative Mercury and the position of Mercury in the chart is important.

Libra: An artistic, gracious, socially conscious sign, you are active and outwardly focused while engaging with the world. A peaceful environment is necessary to maintain equilibrium. Beauty, diplomacy & intimate relationships are your allies. Libra loves to be social. Ruled by Venus you have a deep need for beauty, so to feel comfortable you must feel ‘coordinated.’ Whatever form that takes, whether jeans and T-shirt or evening glamour, you dress for yourself but, care what others think. You aim to be appropriate with your fashion choices. Goddess Venus is Libra’s ruler and the position of Venus in the chart is important.

Scorpio: A penetrating, intense and emotional emphasis channels your energy into a courageous, impacting relationship with the world, which gives depth to your personality. Personal growth, financial partnerships and healing are your allies. Scorpio must feel powerful and at least a little sexy to feel fabulous. Subtle yet dramatic, an understated charisma to your presentation draws attention while commanding respect. Sometimes, less is more, and frumpy is certainly not in the Scorpio zodiac fashion closet. As fiery Mars and powerful Pluto are Scorpio’s rulers, the positions of both planets are important in the chart.

Sagittarius: An enthusiastic, positive, faith-filled approach channels into an action oriented, high-energy relationship with the world, which helps to lighten the personality. Spontaneity, spiritual study, adventure and animals are your allies. Sagittarius loves color, and you will take bold chances with your personal presentation. It helps you meet the world with an adventurous attitude. As a fire sign, you have no problem being noticed. Your fun and flirtatious personality is also conveyed in your zodiac fashion look. Philosophical Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and the position of Jupiter in the chart is important.

Capricorn: A serious, grounded, methodical approach motivates you toward disciplined and ambitious achievement in the world. And it helps to focus your personality in the material world. Goals, the ability to process and authority are your allies. Capricorn feels comfortable when in control! Often that translates into conservative clothing, but you are very individual in the way you mix and match. You look for quality and can pick up bargain couture at a fraction of the cost. Business orientated, it is important to dress like a professional in your chosen field. Capricorn’s ruler is powerful and practical Saturn and the position of Saturn in the chart is important.

Aquarius: An individualistic, mentally focused and humanitarian approach guides you toward an outgoing, active relationship with the world. Prompts the personality to follow unique, inner guidance. Intuition, liberation and genius are your allies. As an Aquarian, you put a unique spin on your personal presentation. Even if you wear a uniform, somehow you will make it individual and totally chic. Not one to follow the latest trends or adhere to traditional standards, you are your own personal trendsetter. You are comfortable in your own skin, and the zanier the better. Unconventional Uranus and determined Saturn rule Aquarius and the position of both planets in the chart are important.

Pisces: A profoundly sensitive, gentle and intuitive orientation channels the Pisces personality into an emotionally meaningful and creative relationship with the world, which gives depth. Dreams, spirituality & artistic expression are your allies. Pisces can wear almost anything and feel comfortable. As long as you’re expressing an emotionally sensitive attitude that conveys depth and compassion, your fashion choices will work. You can cast quite a spell with your zodiac fashion style, and channel mystery, magic and a lot of glamor! As Pisces ruler, the positions of imaginative Neptune and adaptable Jupiter and in the chart are important.



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