Jennifer Angel's Soul Talk Inspires You to Step In To a Higher Dimension and Live a Life of Greatness.

Choose Your LOVE Session! 

1. Couples Relationship Analysis 

How well do you know your partner? In fact, how well do you know yourself?

With Jennifer's Couples Analysis, a 90-120 Min Session, where she uses her Astrological Expertise, Intuitive Gifts and Love Coaching Skills, you will walk away from this session knowing what is important for both you and your partner, and how to navigate the road of love.

  • How compatible are you?
  • Overcome conflict
  • Are their karmic factors?
  • Where is your love-bliss?
  • How do you relate?
  • What's your connection factor? .. and much more!

An invaluable session providing uncanny insights with practical advice. $750


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2. Relationship Consultation

As the saying goes.. "LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND" And it really does! 

Do you need to see what is going on in your love life? Jennifer will highlight your personal love code and the best times for love, romance and passion, so you are ready and at your best.

The positioning and interaction of specific planets and astrological houses reveal information all about you and how you think, feel and act when it comes to relationships. 

The astrological chart also shows certain times when love can more easily cross your path. 

In this 60-90 Min session Jennifer will focus on your love chart for relationships now, and in the future. $325  

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3. Relationship Coaching Program
Find Your Love Bliss!

This 5-Session Relationship Coaching program are one-on-one relationship coaching sessions with Jennifer

The Program Outline
Session 1 - Your Love Code
Session 2 - Your Love Bliss
Session 3 - Your Love Vibration
Session 4 - Let Go - Let Love In
Session 5 - Attracting Love
All sessions to be completed within a 12-week period.
1. All Access.
Connect with Jennifer when you need to during the set course time.
2. Follow up call with Jennifer 
3. Recordings for all sessions
4. PDFs worksheets. All sessions

Be Prepared to leave the past behind, embrace your future and come with an open heart and mind. There is work to do, LOVE WORK!
Normally $1,750 - Introductory price for a limited time $1,250

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Relationship Consulting 

You Deserve Love!
You are Amazing, Interesting, Lovable and have so Much Love in your Heart to Give. YOU Deserve to Attract the Love You Desire, without Settling! 

But, do you feel that you look for love in all the wrong places? Do you keep attracting the same unsuitable partner? Is there a pattern that you would like to never repeat again? 

If so, let's do something about that!! Let's get clear!

Jennifer not only has the gift of insight, she is one of the world's most gifted and insightful  astrologers having written for many publications, such as New York Daily News, Harper's BAZAAR, Star Magazine, to name a few.

She has spent 30+ years committed to her own personal self-development, cultivating her sense of self and spiritual essence, and her life experience alone affords her with a richness of wisdom and information.

Jennifer has made it her life’s purpose to impart that wisdom to others, like you, to guide, encourage and inspire you to step into your calling and live your life of love and greatness.

Astro Love Quirks

Find out the Irresistible and Irritating Sun Sign Character Traits for You, Your Lover & Your Friends. 
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What others say:

I offered myself a birthday gift! Having a reading with Jennifer validated to all of my life aspects, the life lessons and how they had soulfully served their purpose for my life and the Prosperity Coaching that I offer.

Her insight into the details of how all the planets are aligned at birth is amazing. I have had in the past my birth chart and transit chart done and in no way did it resemble the quality of work that Jennifer offers.

I highly recommend that you connect with Jennifer if you want to have more information on what the date of your birth signifies and validate that your life lessons and gifts are used in the right and soulful way. You will be grounded in your soul's destiny and your life lessons.
Thanks, Jennifer, for the insight with the next year! I will be well prepared to make this happen and make the best of it. 
Blessings and love, Yvonne.

Keep the Conversation Going!

After your session, whether it be Couples Analysis, a Consultation or the Relationship Coaching Program, you can continue the conversation with Jennifer’s monthly subscription, or the 3-Pack purchase.

Jennifer will help you reach your goals and stay on track! 

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Astrological Chart
Full Analysis

Your Horoscope Blueprint, Astral Transit Predictions, Year Ahead, Soul Purpose, and Life Questions Answered. Who are you? And what makes you tick? $500

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Monthly Subscription

Use this Monthly  Subscription  as a one-hour consultation or  two x 30-min sessions. 
Book an Intuitive Consultation with Jennifer for Business or Personal.
$230 Per month

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Purchase a 3-pack of Intuitive Consultations with Jennifer for Business or Personal.
You can use these sessions at anytime as 3 x 60-min sessions. Or 6 x 30-min sessions. $690

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