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Jennifer ANGEL


Programs are created as online programs with some personal group interaction providing a life changing empowerment! 

  • On-line programs allow you to connect and follow the program step by step in your own time
  • Live group sessions give you the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people and ask questions.
  • Value sessions as you plan and look to the future.  
  • Insightful & practical sessions
  • Breakthrough to the happiness and abundance you deserve
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John Assaraf
The Brain Whisperer!
Discover how to unlock your brain's hidden power

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Innercise App by John Assaraf

Innercise App, by Jennifer's mentor John Assaraf! 

  •  The Innercise app is a Mindset Coach in the Palm of your Hand. It’s the easiest, most convenient, and most effective way to stay on the fast track to achieving your goals. 
  •  Users will experience over 500+ new Innercises to support and help them grow in every important area of their life – there are career Innercises, relationship Innercises, Innercises to help you become a better leader, there are sales success Innercises, Innercises to improve your mindset and boost your focus. All backed by cutting-edge science and over 100,000 success stories.


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Jennifer helped me regain control over my life's direction by learning to embrace my dreams and how to be aware and deal with self-limited beliefs that have too often gotten in the way. The course (Self-Mastery) creates a structured process where I plan my weekly and monthly goals in each area of my life and to learn to trust both my inner voice and intuition. This course was an amazing powerful process that taught me to step into my personal power. One year later, I am realizing financial, career and personal goals that I never thought possible. 


C-Suite Executive, Private Equity