Jennifer Angel's Soul Talk Inspires You to Step In To a Higher Dimension and Live a Life of Greatness.

This 1-on-1 with Jennifer Monthly Mentoring  program will show you how to get in touch with your dream life, leave doubt and limitation behind, while you step into your best life - with confidence!  

“Jennifer helped me regain control over my life’s direction by learning to embrace my dreams and how to be aware and deal with self-limiting beliefs that have too often gotten in the way.  The course creates a structured process where I plan my weekly and monthly goals in each area of my life and to learn to trust both my inner voice and intuition. This course was an amazing powerful process that taught me to step into my personal power.  One year later, I am realizing financial, career and personal goals that I never thought possible!”
Larry (Private Equity Executive)

Professional or Personal, we will uncover uncertainty, and limited thinking, and replace with clarity, direction, and inspired thought.

As you let go of anything not working for you, or that you simply need guidance or mentoring on, we will replace with strategies and tactics you need to breakthrough and step into the powerful self-actualized life you dream of, where joy, happiness and success await you!

Monthly 1-on-1 Mentoring sessions

$275 or $175

Get Started - Monthly Sessions 

Package 1: 1x60 min + 1x30 min sessions  $275 p/mth
Package 2: 1x60 min sessions $175 p/mth


  • In this monthly mentoring program with Jennifer 1-on-1, you will: 

    • Know what the power dates according to your personal astrological chart
    • Have a daily empowerment process to wake up inspired daily
    • Learn the strategies and tactics to keep your paradigm positive 
    • Get clear about what you want to achieve
    • Create an action plan with definite steps each month to follow
    • Identify your blocks and limitations replacing them with positive input
    • learn how to resolve inner conflict and conflict with others
    • Step into your life feeling inspired and empowered!
    • Be clear about your next steps 

Monthly (1x60min + 1x30min)



Annual Payment regular $3300



Monthly (1x60)



Annual Payment regular $2100


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