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Mercury Retrograde Explained 

May June 2021 Mercury Retrograde

Magic or Mayhem? 
How To use the energy to your best advantage.

Communication planet Mercury, known as the thinking planet of intellect, can affect the way you think, communicate, and relate.  It’s known as the celestial messenger of the gods and is, as a rule, retrograde three times a year for around three weeks each time and can cause all sorts of magic and mayhem! 

Mercury retrograde is not all bad news though, there are certain ways you can use this planetary transit to your advantage. Mercury is the planet of communication, and commerce. It has a strong influence on all forms of travel, communication, creativity, education, and business, as well as technical correspondence and equipment.

We live in a hyper-connected, Mercurial world. The ‘Information Age’ has brought the phenomenon of Mercury retrograde into mainstream awareness while our fast-paced, techno-dependent culture makes the retrograde cycle stand out more dramatically than in the past, with the need for a ‘time out’ all the more pressing.

This month, the messenger and trickster of the gods appears to move backward in the sky from May 29 to July 22nd. The usual precautions apply: double-check fine print, postpone major purchases or signing important documents, regularly back up your electronic files and double-check travel arrangements (or for that matter, any other arrangements.)  Mercury’s primary domain is the realm of thought, so above all pay attention to your mental clarity – or lack of it. 

This Mercury retrograde is in one of the signs it rules, Gemini, the thinking planet and can trigger a great deal of mental stimulation, which can be accompanied by scattered focus or confusion. Use this time to explore, research, hone plans, and cut yourself some slack if your concentration wanders. Mercury’s trickster quality can manifest big-time now; be mindful to communicate clearly and honestly. It is a time to repair and restore. The cosmos gives you a ‘time out’ and you can return to your normal routine refreshed, if you take advantage of it, and is especially valuable for creative projects.

The Mercury Retrograde Transits:

The Shadow:
The first part of ‘Shadow’ phase of this cycle, with Mercury in the sign of Gemini, one of the signs it rules, (marked by the final degree Mercury backtracks to) began May 15th and the second ‘Shadow’ period (when Mercury returns to where the retrograde period began) extends to July 7th.  The ‘Shadow’ is like Mercury Retrograde Lite, with some of the slowed down, disrupted flavor of the retrograde proper.

The Storm – The Mayhem: 
It’s the most disruptive transit stage.
This is the period just either side of the Mercury retrograde, the three or so days when Mercury is stationary retrograde, entering the transit. And again, the days either side when Mercury is stationary direct, coming out of the transit.
The Storm part of Mercury retrograde is the most problematic time when the planet appears to change direction (May 25 to June 5th, and June 18th to June 26th.)  These are days to especially strive for a Zen-like attitude toward transport delays, dropped calls, computer glitches or communication mix-ups.

During a retrograde period, all sorts of confusion and uncertainty can rein. It is wise to double-check the fine print of any file you submit, especially if it has your name attached to it. And don’t be in too much of a hurry to push things through. If possible, delay signing official documents until after Mercury comes out of retrograde. Anything important, you are best to have a second pair of eyes look over. Regularly back up your electronic files. Be mindful of checking your travel arrangements, or for that matter, any other arrangements. But be careful of the way you reach out and communicate with others, pay extra attention to ensure you are all on the same page. Mistakes and errors can be made with electronic communications. Being mindful of a Mercury retrograde transit can help you prepare for interruptions that cross your path and work them to your best advantage.

The Transit Itself – The Magic:
Things settle down.
Once Mercury settles into the retrograde transit, this can be positive time to get things completed, and for planning and research. This is a positive time to get organized, plan, research and finalize anything that is important. Get that pile of work completed that continually falls to the bottom on your to-do-list. It’s a great time to review and reset your goals, close off anything that’s been on your mind for a while and get ready to open up to what comes next. You can rearrange your goals to head in the direction of your soul purpose. People and situations can reappear in your life during Mercury retrograde, too. You have a chance to either reconnect or gain closure on issues. It is a perfect time to consolidate business, rather than start a new association or project. And you can reassess and fine-tune your personal and professional business dealings during this time.

What to look out for when Mercury Retrograde affects your Sun-Sign:  Here’s a guide of how to best use the Mercury retrograde energy and how you can combat it.

Your subjective point of view and self-expression have a penetrating emotional depth during this retrograde but think carefully before communicating weighty matters. This is a time to be thoughtful, rather than impulsive. Use this retrograde to plan research and gather your thoughts as to how you want to approach certain people for the outcome you desire.

Use your gift for patience to take delays or miscommunications in stride during this retrograde period, especially when they relate to monetary matters. If your financial management is up for review, this is the time to sort out what changes you want to make. Use the time to plan and postpone important decisions for a few weeks, if possible. And instead view it as a perfect time to get set a positive paradigm where security and finances are concerned.

This Mercury retrograde is in your sign, so it sits comfortably in this home position as Gemini is one of the signs Mercury rules. This is an excellent time to get things sorted out in your mind as to what you want to do and changes you feel are needed in your life. However, do be careful not to get too bogged down on any one matter, as it can cause confusion. Instead, use this time to review, make corrections and plan. But don’t try to put major plans in motion now, Gemini; go over your intentions and make a mental note of what you want to do – make an action plan.  

You may feel secretive or wary of sharing your thoughts during this retrograde, more so than usual. It’s a time to look inward, get clear on what needs to be said and done so you can move forward in the direction of your dreams and goals. Take time to clarify your goals and intentions, and to straighten out agreements with those who play a role in your future aspirations.

Communication related to friends and those you spend your time with may be clouded by confusion or delay. So, until you have absolute clarity as to what you want to do and say, it will be best to keep your thoughts and answers to yourself. It is advisable to go inward and take stock. You may have a lot to accomplish during this time and the advice of friends can be helpful, just make sure you ask the right people to gain the right advice. Social and artistic activities replenish your reserves, so don’t stay home under cover too much.

Planet Mercury is your ruler and so it sits well in your sign, and therefore, makes this a positive time to contemplate future intentions to pave the way for clarity and renewal of career and professional projects. This is the perfect time to lay the groundwork for changes and plans you want to make, but don’t try to make things happen quite yet. After the third week of June, you can get the ball rolling. If you need to push the button before then, be diligent about checking the details.

Take time for inspiration through studies or philosophical involvements during this retrograde transit can help you gain clarity as to what way you want to move forward with a certain matter. Be careful of delays or mixed signals, related to either these matters or to your inner growth, throw you off.  Deep and careful thought can lead to personal transformation.

Intense communication related to psycho-emotional matters, intimate partnerships or joint financial issues may swerve into confusion during this retrograde period, so keep a clear head and focus on what needs to be done. Be mindful that you may need to sit with a certain matter for a while until it feels right. If possible, use this time to go within and examine your own truths. You may be able to address and resolve issues that have been lingering.

Plans, and communication related to your relationship/s may be disrupted or confused during this time. Use your ease of communication, however, be mindful to be diplomatic, rather than the Sagittarian way of being brutally honest, to smooth over conflicts with your partner or someone close. If romantic interests are up for review, you can gain clarity in June.  

Frustration or confusion around professional projects is possible during this retrograde time, however, if you are organized, and this is a good time to get plans in place, then you will sail through. At times, be mindful to take a step back so you can see the big picture. You can tap into rejuvenating inspiration via study or review of the ideals that motivate you. Take care to be very clear regarding any professional matters and take care to look after yourself and not burn the candle at both ends.  Stick to healthy routines to offset stress.

Communication in significant relationships may be up in the air with your feeling confused or frustrated during this retrograde. Don’t take it personally, Aquarius, you can straighten out any misunderstandings in a few weeks, and in fact, during this time as things settle down, they can end up being much better. Take time to review anything that is of a creative nature. Revise protocols or revisit prior resolutions regarding your projects to make the best use of this period.

Your focus will be on emotional security and family matters is especially potent during this time, and you may reconnect with old relations or revisit personal projects. If at all possible, take time to restore your inner equilibrium through meditation and inner focus. You may feel like keeping to yourself, and if so, do schedule time out where you can be with your own thoughts, as this is a powerful time where you can emerge rejuvenated.



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