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Mercury Retrograde Explained 

Mercury Retrograde – Magic or Mayhem? How To Combat It.

Communication planet Mercury, known as the thinking planet of intellect, can affect the way you think, communicate and relate.  It’s known as the celestial messenger of the gods and is, as a rule, retrograde three times a year for around three weeks each time and can cause all sorts of magic and mayhem! 

Mercury retrograde is not all bad news though, there are certain ways you can use this transit to your advantage. Mercury is the planet of communication and commerce. It has a strong influence on all forms of travel, communication, creativity, education and business, as well as technical correspondence and equipment.

The Mercury retrograde transits:

The Storm:
It’s the most disruptive transit stage.
This is the period just either side of the Mercury retrograde, the three or so days when Mercury is stationary retrograde, entering the transit. And again, the days either side when Mercury is stationary direct, coming out of the transit.

The Transit Itself:
Once Mercury settles into the retrograde transit, this can be positive time to get things completed, and for planning and research.

The Shadow:
Then we have the shadow, and there are two shadow phases of the retrograde transit.

The first shadow is before the retrograde dates, and refers to the degree that Mercury goes back to in its retrograde transit, and often you can feel on this date when things go a little (or a lot) haywire.

The second shadow transit is after Mercury comes out of its retrograde transit and the time it takes to get back to the degree it was at when it first entered retrograde.

But all that being said, let’s just focus on the actual mercury retrograde transit and see what magic and mayhem a mercury retrograde to have on your life.  


The Mayhem:
During a retrograde period all sorts of confusion and uncertainty can rein. It is wise to double-check the fine print of any file you submit, especially if it has your name attached to it. And don’t be in too much of a hurry to push things through. If possible, delay signing official documents until after Mercury comes out of retrograde. Anything important, you are best to have a second pair of eyes look over. Regularly back up your electronic files. Be mindful of checking your travel arrangements, or for that matter, any other arrangements. But be careful of the way you reach out and communicate with others, pay extra attention to ensure you are all on the same page. Mistakes and errors can be made with electronic communications. Being mindful of a Mercury retrograde transit can help you prepare for interruptions that cross your path and work them to your best advantage.

The Magic:
Once Mercury settles into its retrograde transit and out of the Storm part of the transit, this is a positive time to get organized, plan, research and finalize anything that is important. Get that pile of work completed that continually falls to the bottom on your to-do-list. It’s a great time to review and reset your goals, close off anything that’s been on your mind for a while and get ready to open up to what comes next. You can rearrange your goals to head in the direction of your soul purpose. People and situations can reappear in your life during Mercury retrograde, too. You have a chance to either reconnect or gain closure on issues. It is a perfect time to consolidate business, rather than start a new association or project. And you can reassess and fine-tune your personal and professional business dealings during this time.

The Dates – October 13th 2020 – November 3rd 2020

What to look out for when Mercury Retrograde affects your Sun-Sign:  Here’s a guide of how to best use the Mercury retrograde energy and how you can combat it.

The Magic: If financial dealings or official matters feel bogged down or confused; use the time to review, make corrections and plan for the future. There are many ways to organize your money, and this is a perfect time to get financial advice from a professional and review how you spend, save and invest your cash. Consider who you deal with, is it working for you, or do you need to make changes. On a personal note, this is a great time for relationships and to build closeness and intimacy with someone. Keep your schedule flexible; a change in plans could actually work out better than you think – be open to what comes next.

The Mayhem: Don’t even think of keeping a secret from your nearest and dearest or close friends. Even if it’s something he or she doesn’t need to know, if you leave out a few pertinent details it could be seen as hiding something and that’s when doubt can creep in. Beware of people trying to highjack your life and take over your day-planner. If you are not in control, you can become grumpy and irritable.

The Magic: Your seventh solar house, the area of love and relationships, is in the spotlight. For love, you can rearrange your daily schedule, your regular routine, so you can spend more time with someone you love. Look at your priorities and make some positive changes in your life. Clean out anything you have on your love-list that you no longer need. Don’t hold on to past and outdated, needs desires and thoughts. A change of attitude can change your life. Self-awareness, inner work for your personal life, is highlighted to improve your relationships.

The Mayhem: You could be in for a roller coaster love ride, and if you don’t take time to edit your words. The communication between you and another can be misconstrued and get totally out of hand during this transit. Sometimes, it’s best to say nothing. The less said the better, and it gives the other person a chance to share their thoughts.  Be careful not to get distracted and go off on tangents; be present with the person you are with.

The Magic: This is a great time for rejuvenation. Set aside time to pamper, primp and preen, and don’t feel guilty about it. Solo time is necessary now so you can sort out in your mind and heart what you want to do next. Do something nice for yourself every single day. This is the perfect time to reorganize, clean up, declutter at home and restructure at work.  It’s a time to review, renew and make decisions that are best for you, not for everyone else in your life. And remember, you can’t please everyone!

The Mayhem
: Be careful of expecting too much from people and becoming resentful when they don’t meet your expectations or rise to your standards. Over working and taking on too much can force you to take a break to recuperate. Play it safe and make sure you have a good doze of life balance, otherwise long hours at the office as well as partying with friends can take its toll. And it’s important to be mindful not to get all wound-up worrying about things that are probably not even within your control.

The Magic: Business can progress through teamwork. In the process of sorting through opportunities, you can connect and reconnect with people who can help move your career in the right direction. Anything of a creative nature gets a boost of inspiration. It’s a good time to spring clean and dispose of anything outdated and taking up space on your desk. When you clear blocked energy, it will allow you to leave the past behind and embrace the future. 

The Mayhem: Be careful of taking people for granted over this period. Just when you think you have life all worked out and have a strategy in place to move forward, your plans can change in a moment. Don’t gamble with life. This is a time to be sensible and serious as well as upfront with the people you are close to. Beware of misunderstandings, simply because you are too busy to tell someone the full story.

The Magic: Family and domestic matters are favored now. You have the ability to understand people’s position and viewpoint. And as such you can help them gain a new level of understanding, which in turn will build strong relationships. Old issues can be resolved now. Attitudes can change. And you can make progress, especially with research and planning for the future. Focus on your own wellbeing, and self-nurturing. It’s not always about other people, sometimes it about being there for yourself.  

The Mayhem: Anything to do with your family, home, children or with the domestic area of your life can come unstuck during this time. Don’t assume anything; if you are unsure of someone’s movements or intentions then take the time to get the facts. Make sure your house is locked and secure. This is a good time to have a spare set of keys with a neighbor or friend.

The Magic: Old and unresolved issues could be settled during this time. And although conversations with those close to you can be sensitive, if you plan what you want to say and have an outcome in mind, it can work out favorably. This is a positive time for education, study and research, and to get your schedule organized. Short distance travel is highlighted, if you are able to get out and about. A great time to get a media program organized and ready to put into action.

The Mayhem: Your sharp and analytical mind can feel somewhat scattered. Focus your attention on one thing at a time. Human errors can be made during this time - check the details. Don’t try to put major plans in motion now. Go over your intentions and make a mental note of what you want to achieve. Creative matters need extra attention. And remember, even a small change can make a big difference to the outcome.

The Magic: Finances are up for review; use the time to plan and reassess your money management. Investigate how your money can work harder for you. It’s a great time to budget and balance your checkbook. Reevaluate your personal presence in the marketplace. Do you present yourself in public the way you want? If not, make plans to update your image. This is a positive time to do some self-awareness work, especially if you don’t feel worthy of manifesting your dream. Start reading a book or join a webinar in areas that can help boost your self-esteem. Self-help work will never go to waste.

The Mayhem: Prepare to double-check your communications; it’s possible to miss important data. You have a natural passion about life, but don’t assume everything will work out; you need to check the details and be sure. Money and financial security can be confusing, and something you’re waiting for may be delayed. Be careful of taking someone’s throwaway comments personally, it probably has nothing to do with you, you just happen to be in the firing line.

The Magic: The relationship you have with yourself as well as with others are both highlighted now. You can gain self-realizations as well as get in touch with how you really feel about someone else. With additional knowledge and understanding, you can more easily make decisions. You can also come to an understanding of what to expect from others. The more you know and accept your own truth, the more acceptance and understanding you have for others. Old issues between you and another can be resolved now. Take life in your stride and see what happens. What’s delayed over this period can right itself with little effort.

The Mayhem: Take delays or miscommunications in stride, when those you deal with may not be as organized as you would like. Postpone major restructure decisions, if possible. You have a heart of gold when it concerns those you love and respect, and you are there for friends when they need you. However, when Mercury is Retrograde, be careful not to overstep your mark. A caring gesture could be seen as interfering instead of understanding and helpful.

The Magic: Your imagination is heightened right now. Put time aside to redo your business plan, what you want to achieve over the next one, two or even five years. As you grow and evolve as a person, so do your ideals and goals and this is a perfect time to contemplate and revaluate. This is also a positive time to reach out to past colleagues. You can reconnect with people and set up new ways to communicate. But don’t lose sight of what you want to achieve. Compromise is always necessary, but this transit helps you get in touch with your own magic.

The Mayhem: When you are hold back and boxed in, over this Mercury retrograde period you may become withdrawn with feelings of being trapped, instead of strategically working your way out of a problematic situation. You can feel unsettled and out of sorts, and at times uncomfortable in your own skin. Do everything you can to keep your energies balanced, and that means not working around the clock and draining your energy.

The Magic: A great time to get arrangements set with friends on a personal level and with teams or groups with business. But make sure you follow up in writing so there are no misunderstandings. Be open-minded enough to listen to other people’s viewpoints. This is a very social time and you can learn a lot from communicating and socializing with friends, both sharing and listening, whether it is face-to-face or electronically. You will want to put time aside to reflect on life, where you are, where you want to be and plan the journey to get there.

The Mayhem: You are a highly organized sign and often don’t understand why other people can’t keep up with your thinking speed. Be careful of being intolerant of anyone who is not on the same page as you. When you get touchy you can close someone off with a dismissive look or comment or become overly controlling. Be careful of passing on social engagements or connections. Keeping in touch with people is important and to not do so can alienate them, which can be difficult to repair a relationship later.

The Magic: Anything to do with business is under the microscope. This is an advantageous time to update your grand plan for life. Reorganize your files and contact list. Put time aside to reduce the pile of outstanding administration work in your in-tray. If other people are helping you in some way, you will want to pass an eye over their work, too. If it has your name on it, you can’t be too careful. This is good time to do some in-office training. Legal matters can get your attention. Think through your game plan and get a clear vision of how to bring it together.

The Mayhem: At the best of times you do not operate in an environment where disharmony exists. Over this period, you can be particularly vulnerable to other people’s opinions of you and what you do. In turn, this can lead you to reassess their position in your life. Business conversations can go haywire now; make sure everyone is on the same page. If you must make a potentially life-changing decision, get a second opinion and check the details.

The Magic: You can get inspired through studies or philosophical involvements during this time. Don’t let delays or mixed signals, related to either these matters, or long-distance interactions to throw you off. Stay focused and think through your plan of action. Look out for opportunities to learn something new; there are valuable life lessons to be learnt over this period. Put time aside for reflection to get in touch with what it is you really want to do. This can be a time of transformation. When inspiration strikes make sure you are ready to record your thoughts.

The Mayhem: Be careful of only paying attention to the large picture and overlooking the details. Rash decisions in a Mercury retrograde time can lead to errors that can be irreversible. It is best to keep your strong opinions to yourself over this time. Do more listening than talking. Whether, its planes, trains, automobiles or subways, anything to do with travel can be altered, and the same when communicating long distance, which is happening a lot right now. Take a chill pill and have a good book on hand to get lost in.


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