Jennifer Angel's Soul Talk Inspires You to Step In To a Higher Dimension and Live a Life of Greatness.

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Stepping into your life of greatness, your personal power place, is a process of focusing on your MIND, BODY & SOUL! Tune in for insights of how you can  make the changes in your life that support your dreams!

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Real transformation takes time, but you’re not in this alone. Take a guided journey that includes activities for your mind, body, and soul. Each week on the Jennifer Angel Soul Talk  Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Jennifer's real stories of transformation
  • Thought-provoking content
  • An action plan to take into the week
  • Tune in to Jennifer's wisdom 
  • And also Jennifer's guests
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🎧 10 min listen

Episode 05: Find Your Bliss Bubble. Step out of Chaos into Calm!

🎧 10 min listen

Episode 05: Find Your Bliss Bubble. Step out of Chaos into Calm!

🎧 11 min listen

Episode 04: Silent Communication. What your body language says?

🎧 25 min listen

Episode 03: Intuition for Business. Develop, Tune In and Trust

🎧 19 min listen 

Episode 02: Astrological Profiling Explained

🎧 28 min listen

Episode 01: Get Inspired! 3-Keys to Empower Your Day! 

🎧 Coming soon

Episode : How finding your purpose is empowering

🎧 Coming soon

Episode : How to create a road map, your personal action plan!

🎧 Coming soon 

Episode : Your Astrological key to fitness and staying healthy
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Meet Jennifer Angel 

Jennifer Angel 

Executive Consultant & Professional Astrologer

Jennifer has been published in several worldwide publications reaching over 30 million readers with a track record of successful repeat clientele. 

  • Dedicated to all aspects of high performance business mentoring and intuitive astrology consulting, Jennifer inspires people to be in tune with their life and soul purpose to live a life of greatness, their dream life! 

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Jennifer helped me regain control over my life's direction by learning to embrace my dreams and how to be aware and deal with self-limited beliefs that have too often gotten in the way. The course (Self-Mastery) creates a structured process where I plan my weekly and monthly goals in each area of my life and to learn to trust both my inner voice and intuition. This course was an amazing powerful process that taught me to step into my personal power. One year later, I am realizing financial, career and personal goals that I never thought possible. 



C-Suite Executive, Private Equity

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