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Goal Journaling Formula

Goals and intentions do not always need to always be formal, and in fact, when you hand write them into a form or journal, the act of writing has more grounding power to hold your intentions with more power than if you enter the data electronically. 

This is an informal exercise to be completed in a journal or on the prepared Goal Journaling sheet I have prepared, just hit the download button to access.

Clear the space to do this exercise and find time where you can be alone with your own thoughts. Start with three deep breaths to clear and center your energy. Ask source energy (Universe or God energy) to connect with your heart, soul, and inner wisdom.

1. LIFE AREAS - Work with eight areas of life

2. DESIRED GOAL - Connect with your inner-wisdom, heart and soul. 

3. RESISTANCE FACTOR - List 0–10 your resistance factor of achieving each goal

4. WHAT IS YOUR RESISTANCE ABOUT? - What does your resistance relate to?

5. YOUR INTENTION TO CHANGE - What are you prepared to do to release resistance blocks and inner conflicts

With less resistance and more clarity, the more open you are to manifest and receive.

Live Your Dream!  
Blessings from Jennifer

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