Jennifer Angel's Soul Talk Inspires You to Step In To a Higher Dimension and Live a Life of Greatness.

Astrological Consultations

Jennifer's consultations incorporate her Astro-Analysis, Gifted Intuitiveness, and Life Coaching Know-how. With her combined skill sets, her confidential personal sessions are potent, personal and professional - you'll walk away with a game-plan that is designed for YOU!

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Astro Consultation  

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This is a predictive Astrology session, which will provide insights and guidance in any area you are enquiring about.

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Progressed Chart


Your personal Growth through this Lifetime is revealed through the  progressed astrological birth chart and reflects how you have matured in this life. It also reveals amazing predictive calculations for the future.

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Astrological Chart
Full Analysis

This is an empowering session! Your Horoscope Blueprint will reveal:

* Who you are, the true magnificent YOU!
* Your strengths and gifts
* Your dream life
* Your life purpose
* Insights that click, 'ah-ha' realizations, and strategic steps to move forward!

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How to step into your highest vibration to live the life of your dreams!

1. Your personal chart transits explained
2. Your solar return chart analyzed 
3. Set goals and intentions for next year

Get clear about what you want and create an action plan. Jennifer shows you how!

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“I have known Jennifer for several years.... she has shared the most important moments of my life. Jennifer is always so on point with many things, detailed readings with the desire to guide. Jennifer has helped me to find my own way. Thanks for this wonderful journey."

 Best, Christine 

Step In To A Life Of Greatness!

You deserve to manifest the life of your dreams!


Executive Consulting

Inspirational and Life-Shifting!
Know How To Keep Your Paradigm Positive
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  • Intuitive Business Mentorship
    Find and stay in your Zen-Zone
  • Self Mastery Insights
    Step into your Personal Power
  • Life Mastery Class
    Know How to Create and Live your Dream Life
  • Soul Mastery Seminars
    Tune into a Higher Vibration

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