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A coaching partnership empowers you to step into your power place and excel in every area of your life! 

  • Insightful & practical consulting
  • High performance results
  • Know what you want and live a life you love 
  • Coaching accountability leads to successful action steps
  • Value sessions as you plan and look to the future.  
  • Confidential consultations uncovers resistance 
  • Breakthrough to happiness and abundance 
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Custom Consultations 1-on-1! 
Weekly, Monthly, On-Call Text & Email  

Work with Jennifer 1-on-1 remote. Intuitive consultations that cut through the noise and breakthrough to powerful outcomes.

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Embrace a higher vibrational energy every single day to step into a life you love, your dream life. 1-on-1 remote consultations. 

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Learn the secrets to marketing that will position your business in a league of its own. Marketing, profitability & mindset!

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Grow your coaching practice with our premier business coaching software.  Business coaches are in demand to increase profitability.  

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Astrological Profiling  

Astrological profiling reveals who you are, the true you, your purpose, your strengths, gifts and challenges. And then with a few personal details Astro-Profiling will also reveal information about others you are enquiring about. Valuable information for your personal and business life. 
Know what motivates others, how to effectively communicate with them, and how to work with others to gain the most powerful, purposeful and profitable result! 

For Business profiling, regarding your team, peers or clients, please enquire for a quote. Or book a complimentary discussion through Jennifer's calendar.

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“I have been an intuitive coaching client of Jennifer’s for several years.  Her insights and advice relating to my personal, business and financial affairs have been invaluable. Her expertise and experience in life and business allow her to be not only insightful, but practical. She adds incredible value as you plan and look to the future.” 


C-Suite Executive, UHNW Financial