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Weekly Planetary Report - May 15 2023

Uncategorized May 11, 2023

Hello Astro followers, there are a lot of aspects this week, and exciting energy, so let’s get into it and see what’s going on.  

To start, Mercury, the planet of communication, creativity, and education finally comes out of its retrograde transit on the 15th where it will be in what’s called, stationary direct. However, keep in mind that on this date the few days before, and after when Mercury is stationary direct, is the storm part of the transit, which can be the most disruptive, so we are not quite out of it just yet. So, give it a few days until midweek preferably before making any major decisions.  

On the same day, 15th May, action planet Mars will trine with Neptune. The trine aspect is an easy flow vibratory energy, like a path of non-resistance, and in this case, with Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, both being water signs, you want to pay attention to flashes of insight that can come through now, because they are very likely to be important messages that you will want take notice of and reflect what it means for you. 

The major transit happening this week is Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, which will make a move from Aries to the next sign, Taurus, ruled by Venus. The Jupiter-Venus energy works excellently together for manifesting whatever you desire. However, there are a few things to consider and to remember. 1. Venus-Taurus energy is always more powerful with a half glass full attitude, rather than half empty. Stay positive, and stay focused on where you want to go, where you want to end up, and what you want to achieve, rather than focusing on the past. 2. The Taurus energy methodically works through things, so take your time. And 3. Taurus Energy likes to build solid foundations and security for the future. The focus is on love, money, and security as well as your self-worth, so you want to think long-term not just what is going to serve you right now. 

Directly after Jupiter moves to Taurus, which is on the 16th or 17th, depending on where you are in the world, the Sun will sextile, which represents opportunities and possibilities, with the inspirational planet Neptune. Jupiter will square with Pluto, which is a challenging aspect, and Mercury will sextile with Saturn. This is all happening around the 18th /19th. And what does all this mean? Firstly, pay attention to the things in life you love and that inspire you, and anything that puts a smile on your face and provides positive energy. Next, build solid foundations for business and continue to discover and develop your inner wisdom. Finally, walk the high road and stay within integrity first within yourself and then with others. And what does it mean to stay in integrity within yourself? It means doing what is right for you and also noticing when you are setting commitments for yourself, but not following through. Be mindful of setting realistic commitments and being honest with yourself about what you want to do and then move forward in that direction and do it 

The new Moon on the 19th in the sign of Taurus is when the Sun and the Moon are at the same degree in the same sign. This combined energy is a powerful source to go within and do an emotional checklist of how happy you are in your life, particularly when it relates to love, money, and security. Are you where you want to be? Do you need to make a course adjustment to get back on track, if so, watch for the opportunities and chance meetings that can take place to help you move in that direction. 

Right at the end of the week over the weekend, the Sun will make a move from Taurus and enter Gemini, the fun-loving, creative, and communicative sign. And at the same time, the motivational planet Mars will make its move from the sign of Cancer into Leo. Mars energy sits comfortably in Leo and makes this an excellent time to move forward with any realizations that you’ve had earlier in the week. However, in this position, Mars will be in opposition to Pluto, where transformations can take place, so be careful you don’t gloss over realizations. You want to take note to be mindful of what is happening, and more importantly, be able to release the past in a way that you forgive and forget - this is when true transformation takes place. 

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