Weekly Planetary Report March 27 2023

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2023

As we near the end of the first quarter of 2023, this week closes the month of March beginning with a conjunction. This is when two planets are at the same degree in the same sign. The conjunction is between the communication planet, Mercury, and the abundance planet Jupiter, both in the sign of Aries. As the powerful energy of the Sun is also in Aries, these three planetary vibrational energies provide the opportunity to not only have discussions but to move those discussions into action points leading to outcomes that are agreeable to all concerned.

Jupiter in Aries is proactive and visionary, and Aries energy likes to initiate and get things done. Couple that with the creative energy of Mercury, your thoughts this week can be powerful flashes of inspiration, so you need to take notice, particularly upon waking, to catch the essence of the thoughts and the feeling behind them. Inspiration, as inner wisdom from your heart, can take you by surprise now. It is up to you to take notes, evaluate whether it feels right and if so, move forward with motivation and dedication while keeping the desired outcome in focus.

Midweek, Venus, the goddess of relationships, will also be in a conjunction with Uranus, the planet of sudden developments. Keep in mind that Venus and Uranus are situated in the sign of Taurus, one of the signs that Venus rules. Taurus energy, as well as the second house position of the zodiac, represents and firstly governs relationships, mostly the relationship you have with yourself, and how you feel about attracting and receiving the good you desire to manifest. 

With this in mind, take note of any unworthiness you feel, especially around money, as well as relationships that are of a more permanent nature. If there are any feelings of restriction or blocked energy, then ask for this to be released and replace any negative or despondent feelings of procrastination or fear with positive affirmations. Focus your attention on what you desire to receive and attract in your life. This is important right now with this conjunction between Venus and Uranus, as Uranus can bring surprises that you don't expect. The more prepared you are, and open to self-transformational work, then the less likelihood of you sabotaging your progress.

The week concludes with an interaction between the action planet Mars and Saturn, the planet of caution and stability. Even though these two planetary energies are opposite in nature with Saturn’s essence of cautiousness and Mars' impulsiveness, they can work well together. It’s a water astral Trine interaction, with Saturn in Pisces, and Mars in Cancer. 

The water element provides more flow in the energy and the Trine provides a passage of low or no resistance. So, in this case, these two planets in this formation can work extremely well together. Saturn aims to build solid foundations, while Mars provides urgency to push forward and take a creative project from thought to reality. However, because of the ever-moving water element, it’s a week to exercise flexibility, as the water element can be changeable. 


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