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Weekly Horoscope Planetary Report - Feb 27 2023

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2023

Communication planet Mercury will connect with cautious Saturn this week with them both being the same degree in the same sign, which is Aquarius, so get ready to have serious discussions, as this is what happens under the vibratory connection between these two planets. But try not to get overly serious, because, after all, you don’t want to be a killjoy with what is happening right now.  

If it’s about business, discussions that take place during this time can be ground-breaking and game-changing in a way that’s exciting and you can put down solid foundations, and an action plan to steadily move forward to bring your project to life. If it’s about love, then remember that the energy of Aquarius is accepting of others, and open to stepping into something different, so in this sense, the creative Mercury energy coupled with Saturn, you can still have fun by enjoying the moment as well as tune into traditional essence of Saturn, which loves to set things in pace or the long-term.   

The planetary interactive energy this week gives you permission to step out of your comfort zone and broaden your vision to look at a potential project or relationship through new eyes. So, many of you may be making love more permanent during this time as well as keeping a sense of independence. 

By the end of the week, Mercury, the planet of communication, education, and creativity, will make the move from Aquarius into the more sensitive intuitive sign of Pisces. The quick-thinking energy of Mercury in Pisces ignites your intuition, where you get in touch with your inner wisdom to uncover realizations. It's the moment you get clarity on what you want, and know how to step forward and make it happen 

At the same time during this week, Venus will conjunct with the beneficiary planet of Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion and abundance, making this one of the most potent and powerful vibrational love connections of the entire year. This planetary interaction along with the energy of Mercury and Saturn makes this a high vibrational energy for love this week. It also indicates that if things have been a bit rocky in your love life, then you have an opportunity to talk it out, resolve it, let it go, and start afresh. And if you’re looking for love, use this time to think about your past love lessons, and embrace the pattern of attracting the same energy, type of person, or situation into your life, time and time again. Recognize why are you attracting the love lesson once again, learn from it, let it go, and embrace what comes next for you. 

Early next week Saturn will make his move from Aquarius into Pisces, which is going to be very interesting, as these two are opposite energies, however, can work well together. More about this next week!   




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