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Weekly Astro-Planetary Report-May 29 2023

Uncategorized May 25, 2023

Welcome everybody to the last week of May 2023, and this week is a quiet week as far as planetary aspects go, however, as we lead into June, that’s a whole new story, so watch out for the June video report, podcast, and blog.   

There is always a lot of Moon activity during the week as the Moon moves through the signs quickly, and only stays a couple of days in each sign, so therefore, it’s continuously bouncing off and aspecting with other planets.  

For instance, the week starts with the Moon in Libra, and in this position, it’s more about relationships, how you interact with others, and how you emotionally feel about that interaction. Let’s not forget that the Moon is all about emotions. Then by Wednesday night the 31st, the Moon will then enter Scorpio in this position, anything that is happening in your life that is perhaps more of a sensitive nature, you are likely to feel more intensely and so it’s a message to take a step back and get a new perspective on what is happening.  

At the end of the week on the third, which is Saturday as the Moon enters Sagittarius later that day, the Moon will be in opposition with the Sun, and this gives us a full Moon, which will be on the third in the USA, however, on the fourth in other areas of the world. This full Moon encourages us to go inward to gain a greater level of knowledge through our inner wisdom before we share it with others. So, it is first communication with yourself and then communication with others 

On the second of June, which is Friday, we have a very pleasant interaction, a Trine astral aspect between Venus and Neptune. The Trine represents 120° between planets and is always in the same element. In this case, it’s in the water element with Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces, which is yet another message for us to tune into our inner wisdom, and gain that balance between logic and intuition, to be able to make the right decisions for ourselves. 

At the end of the week, and actually, at the end of the weekend on the fourth, Mercury, the communication planet, will conjunct with Uranus. An exact conjunction is when two planets are at the same degree in the same sign, and in this case, it is in the sign of Taurus. This planetary aspect can indicate that news is coming. However, it’s likely to be something that you don’t expect and can be a surprise, not good and not bad, as it really depends on what is happening in your life. However, generally, a conjunction is a trigger for change.  

To conclude, this is a week to be thoughtful, and as the week kicks off, it’s also a week to be grateful for who we are, and what we have, and for those we love and who love us. 

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