Week August 28 2023 Horoscope

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2023

Welcome to the week of August 28. There is not a great deal of planetary aspects and interaction happening this week, and really the main transit is that Mercury is retrograde, yes it’s that time again!

I have completed a full Mercury Retrograde report, which covers all the transits; Stationary Retrograde, Stationary Direct, the Shadow and the Storm, all the dates, and the whole explanation about that. Also, I’ve covered how each individual sign relates to a Mercury retrograde, and how this Mercury retrograde in Virgo will affect each sign, so go check out that report.

Other than that, right at the beginning of this week, Mars, the planet of motivation action, passion, and excitement, will make its transit from the sign of Virgo into Libra. No, it’s not too comfortable here because the energies are different in a way that Mars' energy is impulsive, and Libra likes to think things through with the pros and cons and not make a move one way or another until they feel comfortable. But, in this case, I actually do like the combined energies, especially in a Mercury Retrograde time because Mars helps to stop procrastination. However, keep in mind with Mercury Retrograde that you don’t want to rush forward too much. You want to take on some Libra energy and give yourself a moment to look at all your options, OK?

 At the same time, right at the start of the week, Uranus, the planet of sudden developments, will enter its retrograde transit in the sign of Taurus. Whenever there is a retrograde, the planet is going slower, so it gives the illusion that it’s going backward. In this sense, it just helps us to slow down and to be able to make more informed decisions from logic and fact, as well as from our intuition.  Look for decisions that we feel sit well with you, and that’s what you want to aim for during this time.

Midweek on the 30th, this month's full Moon is in sign of Pisces, the second full Moon for August. I love the full Moon in Pisces, as the Moon, being feminine energy, and Pisces, being highly intuitive, is ruled by beneficiary planet Jupiter, and Neptune, the planet of the imagination. The combined energies help us to go inward and operate more from our feelings, our inner guidance, and intuition, always a good thing!

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