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Sun Sun Guide How to Impress Your Boss

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2023

When you know how to your superior, peers and clients think and act, and more importantly what’s significant to him or her, it can give you a head start with business, which can help concrete your security.

How To Impress Your Aries Boss
Get straight to the point. Avoid going into long explanations. Think up new, interesting, and exiting ways of doing things. In other words, don’t re-invent the same old wheel.
Key point: If you have a problem, be sure to present the solution!

How To Impress Your Taurus Boss
Don’t be late! Complete your work when you say you will. Don’t play games, be upfront and honest. Do a good job and put the hours in. Taurus respects hard workers.
Key Point: Put their agenda before your work schedule

How To Impress Your Gemini Boss
Don’t bog them down with details. Show them the big picture first, then come back to the why and how. When Gemini knows the full strategy, they know how to research. Be prepared to do the fine tuning.
Key Point: Put everything in writing, they have a convenient memory

How To Impress Your Cancer Boss
Timing is everything with Cancer, and you will need to be in tune with their mood swings to learn when to hold back and when to be proactive and approach them.
Key Point: They’re a cardinal action sign, have your stuff together – don’t wing it

How To Impress Your Leo Boss
Give them heaps of praise and recognition. If you love working with them, say so. They strive to be recognized and appreciated; it’s what makes it all worthwhile.
Key Point: Let them take the lead, even if you offer suggestions, let it be their idea.

How To Impress Virgo in Business
Be a perfectionist. Make sure you have all the answers. Don’t leave anything to chance. Check the details. Ask for their help. They love to be helpful, and you will shine by wanting to better yourself.
Key Point: Adopt their organizational strategy, after all, it will be the best.

How To Impress Your Libra Boss
Don’t give Librans open ended questions as it gives them too many options to think through. Present one or two alternatives so there are not so many choices. If there are too many scenarios, they will spend ages looking at every body’s viewpoint.
Key Point: Make your presentations professional, have structure and ease of flow.

How To Impress Your Scorpio Boss
Scorpio loves to be adored, and in business, they will demand loyalty. Show them that you are eternally loyal, you have their back, always, and you will have a job for life.
Key Point: Talk strategy, what’s the plan and how will you execute it.

How To Impress Your Sagittarian Boss
Don’t sweat the small stuff – show him or her you have vision, and you believe in their dreams and the companies direction. And offer something new, an opportunity or thought on how to make things better.
Key Point: Be prepared to pick up the pieces by doing the detail work.

How To Impress Your Capricorn Boss
Have a no-nonsense approach and use your initiative. If you don’t do it right, they will take over, but they will soon get tired of that and see you as a liability rather than an asset.
Key Point: Listen carefully and take notes. If Capricorn has to repeat him/herself, it is a waste of their time.

How To Impress Your Aquarian Boss
Don’t take it personally! It probably has nothing to do with you, and you just happen to be in the firing line. Do a good day’s work, be honest, and above all, be there when they need you.
Key Point: They don’t suffer fools lightly, so get prepared and research, everything!

How To Impress Your Pisces Boss
Be inspired, positive and take initiative. Fill in the pieces for them and take a load of mindless time-wasting jobs off their desk and you will indispensable.
Key Point: Be imaginative, and come up with amazing ideas with a plan to implement.




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