Saturn in Pisces - What it means for your Sun Sign

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2023

In the first week of March 2023, there is a powerful kick-off with Saturn, the planet of stability and caution, making his move from freedom-loving Aquarius to the more sensitive sign of Pisces. For the past five years, Saturn has been in Capricorn and then Aquarius, the two signs that Saturn rules. Hence, it has been very comfortable in these signs. However, less so in Aquarius, even though Saturn was Aquarian's original ruler, Aquarian is independent, and Saturn thrives on being authoritative and autocratic, so Saturn in Aquarius did not come without it’s challenges. 

As Saturn moves into the sign of Pisces and sets up residence there for the best part of three years, the energy is very different in a way that Pisces’ easy-going flow of energy challenges Saturn to take a chill pill and not take life so seriously. On the other hand, Saturn helps the energy of Pisces to make solid plans and follow through. So, combined with Pisces imaginative and inspirational energy, and Saturn’s more logical senses, these opposite energies have something valuable to offer each other, which all signs can take advantage of in some way.  

Let's have a look at what effect Saturn in Pisces will have on your Sun Sign!


It's time to get serious about what you want to achieve out of your life, Aries. Whatever inspires you, the things that you believe on a heart level, and the things, people, and situations you resonate with, in other words, what is a good fit for you. This will represent, your dreams hope, and wishes. With Saturn in the 12th house area of your star-chart, this allows you to have a cleanout in your life on all levels. So, get ready to discard anything that is not working and replace it with something that you love to do. The more that you can access your goals and intentions from your inner heart, and access your inner wisdom, the more successful you will be with creating something fulfilling that's going to have the power of longevity. it's time for you to step into and own your greatness!


As planet Saturn is now in your solar 11th house, you can expect to be evaluating how you spent your time and who you spend it with. For instance, don't be surprised if you do a check of your friends and associates and decide who you're going to keep in your life, who you're going to nurture, and who you will let go. There's a greater meaning now in how you spend your time and who you spend your time with especially if you have an opportunity to get involved with groups on a humanitarian level. Oh, and you will be naturally drawn to those who have good intentions, those who are willing to step up and step out to help others, especially when it concerns self-development. As the saying goes: the best way to manifest your dreams is to help others manifest their dreams.


Saturn in Pisces for the next few years it's going to be very powerful for you, Gemini, on a business level, but not just with your work and career, this positioning can help you move your big vision goals to reality. However, to do so you need to have a combination of your intuition and your logical thinking. It needs to look right as well as feel right emotionally, and when it does, then this is when you will have the winning formula. This position of Saturn also helps you to step up and take control, and take charge of your life, rather than letting others dictate what you should and shouldn't be doing. Be prepared to move out of your comfort zone and put things into action that will last the test of time, and this is where your success will come from.


As planet Saturn moves into Pisces, a fellow water sign, this is potentially a great position for you, Cancer. It allows you to have an inner transformation on a spiritual level. This can mean that you may follow a religion more intently or incorporate more spiritual practices in your life such as meditation, mindfulness, or kindness, first to yourself and then to mankind. During this transit for the next three years, you can expect to be delving deeper into your inner wisdom, growing, and transforming in a higher consciousness spiritual way. It signifies a time for you to get to know who you are more genuinely, what you believe, and what your values are, and step into, and live more from your authentic self. In other words, to feel safe in the world and secure within yourself allows you to have integrity within yourself, and with others, so you can live and speak your truth without feeling judged.


This is a powerful position for you, Leo, with planet Saturn in your soul chart, as it will help you be courageous enough to feel the fear of anything that confronts you and do it anyway. You can now, over this next three-year period, recognize where your resistance is and be able to take a deep breath and just push forward. During this time, you can face up to old habits and past situations that have previously held you hostage for manifesting your future. And now you have the opportunity to find the blessings of anything that’s happened to you in the past that you feel has been an injustice, and be able to let it go, which will provide you with a great sense of freedom as you move forward. I know that sounds relatively easy when you say it quickly, but make no mistake, it will take Courage. However, the blessings of the outcome will be well worth the challenge.


Saturn moves opposite your sign, Virgo, to your solar seventh house, the area signifying relationships. Saturn brings challenge on some level, and for Virgo, the challenge with Saturn in Pisces will be for you to balance your innate logical common sense with your heartfelt intuitive senses. However, in many ways, this position of Saturn highlights the very challenge of your innate zodiac qualities. It does provide complementary energy for you to balance your spirituality and a sense of being part of a bigger grander plan, while still being present in your physical life. So, in this sense, you can evaluate and improve the relationship you have with yourself, and once you have come to terms with this, your new energy will be much clearer to attract relationships you resonate with. The essence of Saturn promotes relationships of longevity and trust, which also sits very well with the Virgo essence.


Now that Saturn sits in your solar sixth house, it’s a sign for you to work on having more balance in your life, which, of course, is part of the Libra character challenge. And once achieved, as in work-life balance, as a Libra, you gain a certain amount of peace, the type of peace that helps you feel in tune with your environment. However, to achieve this, it will take some effort as Saturn is synonymous with working hard, therefore it can cause stress in your life. Your task will be to set new habits, disciplines, and routines that fit into your lifestyle and allow you to be effective and productive, while still having time off for yourself and to spend with those you love. This position of Saturn in your star-chart also focuses your attention on your overall well-being. And as Saturn is in the sign of Pisces, you can expect there to be more focused on going with the flow, while having a sense of order and balance between work and play. To achieve flow, be prepared to not have everything so organized. This will open the energy to follow spiritual disciplines, perhaps like meditation, which will provide more harmony within, and therefore will attract harmony in the physical.


This is a take-charge time for you, Scorpio. And you might think it’s always like this for Scorpios, and that’s true, but the difference now is that Saturn takes up residence in Pisces, a fellow water sign, which means there is more focus on getting organized and setting things in place, like solid foundations for the future. But not just in the way of making a plan but also making a Plan B and possibly even a Plan C. Your challenge will be to find the difference between being proactive and going with the flow, in other words, choosing the path of low or no resistance. If one plan is not working, then you will want to pivot and switch to a more suitable plan. But above all else, you will be the one to take charge and to do it in a way that doesn’t create stormy waters for others. So, a certain amount of nonchalance will be necessary not to appear overly controlling, as connections, collaboration, and partnerships will be your key to success now. If children are in your life, they will take on a higher level of importance now, as well.


Hey Sagittarius, whether you plan it or not, you will be drawn to deal with, and become more involved with, matters of home and family affairs. So, in this sense, you may feel like your wings have been clipped. However, the interaction and the connection with others can provide you with a sense of belonging and safety. And even though a part of you will always yearn to be a free spirit, some of you will be setting up a home, and others may very well be purchasing a home, or in some way making your abode more permanent. Have fun with this, and let your creative spirit out to play, while not allowing yourself to get too serious. Focus on what you are gaining rather than losing, and this can be an enlightening experience. Many Sagittarians over this time will set up working hubs from home, which will provide an opportunity to connect with your inner sanctuary, and for some, to build an independent business with the option of working remotely, which will nourish the freedom you crave. It is also very likely that many of you will take on further family responsibilities. 


Saturn, your ruler, makes his way to the water sign of Pisces. These next three years are going to be transformational for you, Capricorn, in the way that you can delve deeper into yourself to listen to, and pay attention to, your inner Wisdom. On a business level, many of you will be delving into learning and educating yourself on areas, that perhaps have fascinated you in the past, and now is the time to dive deeper. Some of you may even design courses or write books and blogs that will enable you to share the new knowledge that you incorporate into your own life. On a personal note, the friendships, and associations you build during this time can last the distance of time with you feeling like you have finally met or resonate with your ‘true tribe’. Be prepared to be more open about sharing your thoughts, wisdom, and ideas in view of forming interactive and collaborative partnerships.


Saturn has now moved from your sign and taken up residence in your solar second house. Over this next three-year period, for you, Aquarius, your focus will be on two major areas in your life. 1. Your financial status. And 2. Building your self-confidence and your self-worth. Firstly, if you have not been careful with your money to date, then this is the time for you to get serious about money management, budgeting, and attracting what you desire in life. And secondly, this can be directly related to your self-worth and how worthy. you feel of having or attracting what you desire. This can send you on a journey of self-discovery, with you looking at and evaluating old patterns, habits, routines, and values. Past events that concern relationships can resurface now, and you’ll have a chance to heal and discard them, so you can set new values, expectations, and intentions. This position of Saturn is firstly all about the relationship you have with yourself, which reflects the relationships you have with others.


Planet Saturn in your sign, Pisces, can set up some personal challenges to revisit past sensitive situations. However, as you steadily work to overturn and cast off old negative beliefs within yourself, and heal previous interactions with others, great growth and transformation can be achieved. With the energy of planet Saturn, the progress you make during this time, and over the next three years, can set in place new disciplines that can be beneficial in many areas of your life, as well as be incredibly freeing. The thing to remember with Saturn is to work with the energy methodically and not to expect change to happen overnight. Make a plan that allows you to steadily move forward as you set new foundations in place. In one way, the energy of Saturn in Pisces is polarized as Saturn looks for structure and Pisces likes to flow. However, it does complement your dual personality of logical analysis and intuitive inspiration. And the more you work with the Saturn energy, the more you can find the balance between these two polarities, and more importantly, you will learn to trust yourself and the process. 



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