Planetary Report Week May 08 2023

Uncategorized May 04, 2023

The lunar eclipse was on May 5th; however, the energy can still be felt with this eclipse for up to six months. So, whatever is transforming during this time may still be in process, especially as we are still under the influence of the Mercury retrograde transit.  

Let’s see what this week’s vibrational planetary energy has in store for us.   

Early in the week, the Sun is going to conjunct with Uranus, which means they are both at the same degree in the same sign and in this case, Uranus and the Sun are connected in the sign of Taurus, which reminds me, Happy Birthday, Taurus!  

Mercury retrograde is also in Taurus, so this can cause current confusion especially as anything that takes place under a Uranus/Sun vibration can come out of the blue, almost like blindsiding you. Throw in a Mercury retrograde, and things can get a little messy, which of course means that your life is most likely changing in some way.  

To avoid getting caught up in chaotic energy, remember to breathe. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, as you breathe automatically, but sometimes when you are stressed and in chaos, your breath can become short. Instead, consciously take a deep breath, and do this five or six times, and you will experience how calming slow, and deliberate breathing can be. 

Mercury has two astral sextile aspects this week. One with Venus, the goddess of love and money, and the other with Saturn, the planet of business establishment and steady development. The sextile aspect indicates that certain opportunities and possibilities can head your way, and as Mercury is the planet of communication, education, and creativity, news can come through of new developments that capture your interest.  

Don’t be surprised if things are delayed. The energy with Saturn opens business, career, and work opportunities. And because Saturn is in the sun sign of Pisces, there’s a balance between your intuitive and your logical senses, so be mindful to check in with your inner self. The second sextile is with Mercury and Venus. This planetary aspect focuses on money and encourages you to make smart financial choices, choices that will set solid foundations, not superficial and fleeting outcomes.  

On the love scene, because let's not forget that Venus is the planet that governs both love and money, this is a message to open your heart to receive as well as speak your truth from your heart when you’re giving out. 

Venus will also be in a trine with Saturn. The trine astral aspect is like an easy passage, the parts of least resistance, however, it is up to you to recognize coincidences, and meetings of serendipity, and take your cue from the universe to move forward in that direction.  

Right at the end of the week, Mercury starts to enter its stationary direct transit, which occurs on Monday the 15th, and so from the last few days of this week and the first few days of next week, we are back in the Mercury retrograde storm part of the transit. Be aware of not taking any risks or unnecessary chances and take time to sort through and consider any decisions that will represent major change in your life. 

Moving forward it is all systems go, so for this week, be mindful of how you move forward, be patient, and watch for the signs of red and green flags. 

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