May 22 2023 - weekly planetary report

Uncategorized May 18, 2023

This is my weekly report for May 22nd, and the week starts with a positive sextile astral aspect between the powerful energy of the Sun, and the motivational energy of Mars. The sextile represents opportunities and possibilities, so you want to be aware of opportunities that cross your path and take notice of what comes your way. Right  now, something amazing can be presented to you, almost like it’s tailor-made just for you, so be mindful of what’s happening around you, what people are saying and how are you feeling about it. Does it get your interest, or do you have no interest? If interested, then you want to look a little further and see whether it’s a major opportunity that can change your life, and then go for it. 

On the very next day, Mars will square with Jupiter. And although the square aspect is traditionally challenging, when Jupiter is involved, this challenge can quickly turn into available options, so once again, stay alert to see what is happening around you and for you.  

Later in the week love goddess Venus, which is also the planet that governs money, will sextile with Uranus. With the opportunity vibrational energy, along with Uranus in the picture, anything that happens now can come out of the blue, like blindside you, so in this case, you want to keep your schedule a little flexible so you can pivot and make a shift if that’s what you want to do. And as Venus is in the sign of Cancer, a highly intuitive sign, and Uranus in Taurus, along with both Mercury and Jupiter, anything really can happen right now, so you need to keep a positive mindset. Expect the best and stay with an optimistic outlook because this is what increases your attraction factor. 

The week concludes over the weekend with the Sun squaring Saturn. Once again, the square is a challenging aspect, and as the Sun is in Gemini and Saturn is in Pisces, both mutable signs, it will soften the challenge vibration. As Pisces is a highly intuitive water sign, and Gemini is the thinking sign, this is a message to not overthink and to also turn into your instincts.  

So, this week is about first looking at the evidence, the facts, and the logical side of things, and then tuning in to your feelings, your inner wisdom, and when these two align, wisdom and logic, then that’s the greenlight you’ve been waiting for! 

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