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MAY 2023 Monthly Planetary Report

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2023

There’s a lot of planetary anything going on this month, for sure, so let’s get straight into it and have a look at what’s going on.

Firstly, Pluto is stationary retrograde, which means it’s going to make its way back to Capricorn where it has been for the last decade and a half, and it will also go retrograde next year, so we’re going to have a back-and-forth energy, which can be confronting. In one sense, in Capricorn, the energy wants to stick to the rules play within the lines and take notice of authority and boundaries. On the other side in Aquarius, it just wants to be free to the point of rebelling if people feel that something has been hidden, and it’s revealed or people have been treated, unjustly, as Aquarius is the humanitarian sign, and the sign of freedom, or one of the signs of freedom.

Pluto is transformational and along that journey, it will uncover anything that’s happening behind the scenes, and this can also result in a rebellious nature of standing up and being heard. Now, as I said, Pluto is going to get back and forth over the next 18 months between these two signs, and it will finally settle and take a residence fully in Aquarius towards the end of 2024 where it will stay for the best part of 20 years. So, the way to deal with this is the check your heart if a situation that’s going on with you, or those close to you, or indeed on the world level, if this is something that really concerns you and it’s something that you want to really stand up to? Be careful though, not to get involved with other people's values and drama if it does not align with you. On the other hand, if it is something that you feel very strongly about, then sure, this energy really supports you in standing up for yourself and for what you love and believe, for yourself, your family and friends, and mankind. 

Moving on, on the fifth, we have this month's full Moon in the sign of Scorpio, and this full Moon is a lunar eclipse, which means the Moon is in Scorpio, and Sun is in Taurus, both very strong and fixed signs. The full Moon represents endings and beginnings, however, to have a wonderful beginning, generally, you need to let go of something that no longer serves you. You will need to come to terms with it in some way and sometimes when it’s an eclipse, which is added powerful and intense energy, the life changes can come from what someone else does, which influences you, and you have to just pick up the pieces and go with the flow. So, be prepared for that, but all in all, at the end of the day, hold your judgments because what can seem like an interruption of your life can end up being one of the greatest blessings. As my spiritual teacher in New York, John Mark Shaw used to say, when your life gets messy, that’s when your life is changing. OK, so something to keep in mind, right?

On the same day, as the lunar eclipse, the fifth of May, Venus, and Jupiter will interact in an astral sextile, which is excellent for opportunities and possibilities, and will be focused mainly on love and money, so relationships will be high on your agenda now gender. This is one of the most fortunate planetary interactions of the year, and as such, you want to take advantage of it by getting clear about what you want your journey to be like and where you want to end up. When you have a roadmap or your journey, it’s more likely that you will arrive at your desired destination than if you just try to wing it.

Love goddess Venus will make her move from the communicative Gemini sign to the more sensitive and inward mindful sign of cancer, and in this position, it does encourage us all to speak from our heart and tell the truth, no matter how candidly.

Mid-month, on the 15th, Mercury finally comes out of its retrograde transit in Taurus, and as this retrograde has taken place between two eclipses, the road traveled has sometimes been rocky, and now is the time to get ready this month to start preparing to re-organize, restructuring and getting ready for the second half of the month to put things into action and start initiating.

On the ninth of the month, the powerful energy of the Sun will connect in an astral conjunction with Uranus, the two planets are at the same degree in the same sign, and with this combined energy, expect the unexpected. So, in this case, you want to keep your schedule a little bit flexible because when the unexpected hits it can often be from what someone else has done which influences you, and so, therefore, you have to step into it to fix the situation in some manner Flexibility is going to be your savior and key point here.

At the same time, Jupiter, the planet of abundance, growth, and expansion, will make its move from the fast-thinking sign of Aries into the more methodical sign of Taurus, and in this placement, this will shift your focus more onto relationships, the relationship you have with money and the relationship you have with yourself. This placement encourages you to monitor your own thoughts and feelings and to be mindful of the vibratory energy. Pay attention to what you put out to the universe in the way that you speak, what you do, and how you do it.

During the third week of the month, on the 19th, we have a new moon, which will be in the sign of Taurus, and with Jupiter there, as well as the sun and moon, mercury retrograde, and Uranus, then there’s a lot of activity going on in Taurus. Of course, this will influence each sun sign differently. As mentioned, be mindful of your mindset and consciously work on having a positive attitude, particularly with the new moon and Jupiter energy. This position also highlights your self-worth, and how worthy you feel of attracting what you want in life and is a lesson in mindfulness and catching yourself when you have a less than positive thought or belief and quickly changing it to a more positive outlook.

Shortly after on the 20th of the month, the Sun will make its move from Taurus into Gemini bringing much lighter and more creative energy and as Mercury comes out of retrograde just days before this move it does open the airways of communication a little more fun, too, and a lot more creativity and learning. So, you want to take advantage of that by delving in to learn something new in your life.

Motivational planet Mars will also ingress into the next sign in Leo and Leo being a fire sign, Mars is comfortable here.  In this position, Mars Energy will help you get motivated to put your thoughts and projects into action. So, the second half of this month is a time to make things happen and push forward through your resistance points, so you can break through to make positive and definite changes in your life.

May is an action-packed month. There is a lot going on, lots of transitions, and the best thing that you can do to combat this is to first just get organized. Secondly, to look after yourself do what you know is right for yourself on a mind, body, and spirit level. Do whatever it takes to feel balanced and harmonious. 

What happens this month can literally be life-shifting and life-changing and in a good way. Keep a positive attitude plus practice being grateful and keep your focus on where you want to end up rather than where you have come from.


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