Horoscope, Wk Jan 1st, YEAR AHEAD 2024 Report by Jennifer Angel

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Welcome everybody, as we turn the page from 2023 to 2024.

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With the major planetary moves this year it’s shaping up to be a transformational year. However, it will require you to first get clear about what you want and next be prepared to let go of what is not working as you step into this new year and embrace change in your life.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, and expansion, the lucky beneficiary planet, takes up residence in a new sign every year, and right now it is still in the sign of Taurus, through to May 26, when it will make its transition into Gemini. This sign change represents a different house and area of life for each sign, and then, of course, a different area of life and planetary interactions in your birth chart. In Taurus, as we look at the solar chart, Jupiter is very comfortable here because it sits well with Taurus's ruling planet, which is Venus. Venus and Jupiter energy together bring lots of opportunities, however, you do need to know and be aware of where to look for the opportunities and then override the Taurus tendency to take time to capitalize on the possibilities. Instead, during these first five months of the year you need to recognize the options and possibilities, make a decision, and move forward with affirmative action. 

As Jupiter makes its move to Gemini and combines with the energy of Mercury, which is Gemini's rulership, the overall vibratory energy encourages you firstly to ask more questions on a fact-finding mission, learn new skills, gather information, and then be creative in designing a unique path to move forward in the direction of your dreams.

Solid Saturn generally stays in each of the signs 2-1/2 to 3 years and right now and through May 2025, Saturn is still resident in the sun sign of Pisces. Now this is a bit of a tricky placement as the energies are opposite. Pisces likes to go with the flow and keep things open, and Saturn wants to lock things down and get organized. One of the best ways to work with the Saturn in Pisces energy is to continually look for the blessings in life. You know sometimes when we go through situations it can seem like the worst thing ever and then fast forward a few years as you look back you can go, well, that was a real blessing, I just didn’t see it at the time. So, the challenge with this placement is to know that there is a blessing and continually look for it. Look for how things are serving you, and be grateful for what you have rather than focus on what you don’t have. In a nutshell, the more spiritually evolved you are the more that you can operate from the inspirational energy of Pisces and use the Saturn energy to make your inspirations real. Otherwise, if you’re living with an angry heart, blame, and negativity, you will be operating from the heaviness of the Saturn energy first, before you can even experience the inspirational lightness of the Pisces. The lesson here for this year and through to May 25, 2025, is to learn the power of gratitude.

Uranus, a slow-moving outer planet has an orbit around the zodiac of 84 years, so it’ll stay in each zodiac sign for 7 to 9 years, and right now through April 2026 Uranus is in the sign of Taurus. It can be challenging here as with the vibratory energy of Uranus things can suddenly change, totally just come out of the blue, and the Taurus energy does not particularly like change, especially when it takes you by surprise. Going forward, be open to trusting that the universe has your back.

Neptune, the planet of imagination, inspiration, and visualization takes around 160 years to move through the whole zodiac and will typically spend 14-15 years in each sign. At the moment and through to January 2026, Neptune is in the sign of Pisces, which is the sign it rules, and therefore, is very comfortable here. Depending on your sun sign and depending on what house and area of life it sits in your personal Horoscope, your birth chart, will depend on how best to use this energy to deepen your awareness, self-awareness, and inner wisdom connection.

The major move for this year is Pluto, a powerful outer planet, which will take around 248 years to orbit the entire zodiac and will typically spend anywhere from 11 to 30 years in each sign. For the past 16 years, Pluto has been in the business-minded, and area of establishment, in the sign of Capricorn. Although it did enter Aquarius in March 2023, as Pluto has been back and forth in its retrograde transit it will continue to go back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius in 2024. Presently in Capricorn, Pluto will transit to Aquarius in January 2024, and then back into Capricorn in September, moving again to Aquarius on November 19, 2024, where it will stay for a 20-year transit, before it enters the sign of Pisces on January 19, 2044.

As we enter 2024, and look at what is transpiring around the world, as Pluto transits back-and-forth between these two signs, Capricorn and Aquarius, the balance of power shifts from the establishment of government and following the rules in Capricorn to people having more of a say, as the Pluto power shifts to Aquarius. Let’s not forget that Aquarius is a humanitarian sign. It is the sign that will stand up and look out for those who can not look out for themselves. The Aquarian energy will stand up, protest, and rebel to support those who are unable to do that for themselves. The Aquarian energy will always look out for those who have not been treated well. Pluto is such a powerful transformational energy we will see the balance of power going back and forth during this year from the establishment to the people. It will move from a 29° in Capricorn to a 00° in Aquarius, both known as a critical degree, which intensifies the energy.

The other thing to consider is that energy also governs technology, science, innovation, and very much independence, being there for others and their community. In this sense, as this energy settles down, we can expect a healthier direction with others where we consider that our actions are of standing, and more importantly if we are being true to ourselves, while still caring for others.

This is a powerful year if the energy is used right. The first step is to notice and be aware of yourself and your surroundings, and if you are looking after your needs as well as caring for others and are aware of the opportunities, possibilities, and options available to you. There are two ways of looking at this. 1. your sun sign readings, and 2. your astrological personal birth chart.

I wish you all the very best that 2024 can bring and I am grateful to be serving you with this information.

Much love and many blessings, 


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Your Sun Sign Report, overview, as published in STAR magazine:


A transformational year, where you experience spiritual growth that inspires you to set ambitious goals and redefine your personal dreams. A busy social life highlights romance. Expansive opportunities bring new connections with an interest in humanitarian ideals.  


This year greatly influences your career aspirations, providing breakthroughs and an opportunity to revamp your professional path. You can expand your financial horizons and embark on new projects. A love partnership needs healthy boundaries and a deep friendship. 


Profound transformations come from higher learning and push you outside of your comfort zone. Embrace a newfound level of creativity by overcoming career obstacles. You can connect with a soulmate, and experience more confidence, luck, and abundance in all aspects of life.  


This year’s primary emphasis is on spiritual development, forming deep connections, and breaking free from outdated patterns. A love union builds from trust and a deeper level of intimacy and commitment. Financial affairs are about long-term security and stability. 


You undergo personal transformations, allowing for self-discovery and more satisfying relationships. Love can show up in a surprising way. Additionally, you broaden your social circle, establish new friendships, pursue intellectual growth, and engage in humanitarian endeavors. 


This year, embrace new daily routines and habits that bring innovative change. Broaden your career prospects and showcase your expertise on a larger stage. Love becomes more permanent. Set clear boundaries and make practical choices that support a healthy relationship. 


In 2024, a positive mindset helps you delve deep into intellectual pursuits and express yourself more fully. A new learning journey expands your life to new heights of greatness. A love connection comes from someone you resonate with. Healthier lifestyle choices increase your energy. 


Transformative shifts within your home and family prompt you to dive deeper into your personal connections. Empower yourself by confidently sharing your profound secrets. Invest time in nurturing meaningful emotional bonds with loved ones and a romantic connection.


This year, introduce innovative changes into your daily routines to bring transformative shifts to your life. Expand your horizons by exploring new career prospects and showcasing your expertise on a larger platform. You can be lucky in love, prepare to establish clear boundaries. 


2024 is your year for a transformative impact on your financial matters. You can reset your relationship with money and material possessions, while you explore new ideas. Nurturing your creative pursuits. For love, prepare to compromise but don’t settle for less than you’re worth.


A year of transformation for your entire being! Your journey empowers you to fully embrace your unique identity and personal power. Your personal relationships are intellectually stimulating. Love can take you by surprise. And with work, be a leader and take control. 


In 2024 you confront your deepest fears, secrets, and unresolved issues, leading to significant inner transformations. This opens your heart to receive and allow love. There is a strong connection with home and family matters. Creative concepts and ideas fast-track your career. 




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