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Horoscope Week Jan 29, 2024 by Jennifer Angel

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2024

Uranus, the planet of sudden changes interacts with the Sun, Mercury and Mars this week all in what’s called a beneficiary Trine astral aspect. The Trine is known to present opportunities, different options and various possibilities, so in this sense; you want to pay attention to the signs of synchronicity. Chance meetings and running into people, perhaps reconnecting with others, and meeting people who know you haven’t met before, however, you have such a strong sense of familiarity. These are all signs that the universe is working in your favor; so do pay attention to what happens during this time. Trust your instincts! 

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion, transformation and growth, is in a challenging aspect with the Sun. However, the square formation is not so challenging between these two astral energies. Be mindful to keep your highest realization and expectations unlimited, and then make sure you’re allowing the time necessary for whatever you want to come to fruition. 

At the same time, Jupiter will interact favorably with Venus, which helps override any potential difficulties, and particularly when it is to do with relationships. 

Planet Mars will conjunction/connect with Mercury, the thinking planet, so be mindful to take a step back, while you further analyze and delve deeper into an opportunity to ensure it is right for you. In other words, be careful of making a rash decision that you could regret later. However, this is a favorable interaction if you know what it is you want and are clear about the outcome you want to achieve, and then things can go more smoothly for you. 

Towards the end of the week the communication planet Mercury will interact favorably with Neptune, sparking your intuition and your imagination, which can lead to pure inspiration for you to move forward with whatever is your top priority in life for you right now. 

Right at the end of this week, and moving into next week, we look forward to the energy of the new Moon in Aquarius - more about that next week. For now I wish you wealth, health, and abundance. 

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