Horoscope Week Jan. 15, 2024 by Jennifer Angel

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There is quite a lot of movement this week, commencing with the Sun sextiling Neptune, which is a powerful interaction for ideas and creativity, particularly for business, and your career, as the Sun, at this point, is still in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces highlighting u imagination, intuition and inspiration, making this a great time to get creative about your work, your career or your business. However, it’s important to recognize that you need to put time aside as thinking time because when you fill up every moment of the day, there’s no space just to think and create. 

Mercury will also sextile Saturn. The Sextile astral aspect represents opportunities, options, and possibilities. Saturn, among other areas, governs business, however, as it sits in the sign of Pisces, this is another strong placement to get inspired about your career. In particular, aligning your career with your life purpose and with what inspires you the most.

Mercury, the planet of communication, creativity, and education, towards the end of the week, will Trine with Jupiter, a beneficiary energy of abundance and expansion. The energy of the Trine can open change meetings and a feeling of things falling into place. Watch for serendipity and coincidences, as this will tell you that you’re aligned with the energy and heading in the right direction for success.

At the same time, Venus will square Neptune, and whether it’s love, money, or career, challenges you to keep your feet firmly on the ground and be realistic about what you are prepared to do to achieve your desired outcomes!

Over the weekend of Jan 20-21, both Pluto and the Sun will simultaneously make the move from Capricorn to a sign of humanity and philanthropy, Aquarius. This is a big shift for this year with Pluto in Aquarius, which can be a game changer, not only on the world scene but in your personal life and a time where you lead by example. It’s a time to set boundaries for yourself. Look within them. Look after yourself. Do the right thing for yourself and consider if it’s also the right thing for others, which of course, can be an impossible task, as you can’t please all the people, all the time. However, the point is to lead by example and to be kind to others.

Also on the weekend, the Sun connects with Pluto, now in Aquarius, and is a message to keep all of your dealings, correspondence, communications, and decisions at the highest ethical level.

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