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Horoscope Week Jan 08 2024 by Jennifer Angel

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2024

Welcome to the week of January 8! This week starts with Mercury, the planet of communication, education, and creativity squaring Neptune. Now, a square is traditionally a challenging astral aspect, however between Neptune and Mercury not so much. However, it does bring with it a message to be somewhat realistic about what you choose to do and achieve. Of course, you can do anything, however, it is wise to think of how much time you have to complete a project, goal, or task. And although yes, you can do everything, perhaps not all at once. So, this is a message in prioritizing and pacing.

Midweek, the Sun will Trine with Uranus, and this will open up chance meetings, and connections, and it can literally just come out of the blue, and there’s also a new Moon with the Sun presently in Capricorn. This provides added intensity and power, to bring forth, create, and make happen, anything that’s on your must-do list.

Mars will Sextile Saturn and this astral aspect between planets influences opportunities, options, and possibilities. This really helps the business-minded planet Saturn get things in place and for Mars to push forward and capitalize on the opportunities.

Mars will also be in a Trine aspect with Jupiter. This is another amazing and positive interaction between planets Jupiter, the planet o abundance and expansion, and Mars, the motivator and energy that gets things done!  The Trine is all about those meant to be situations and connections, coincidences or serendipity, crossing your path. 

The week concludes over the weekend of the 13th and the 14th with Mercury in Sagittarius, as it did retrograde back into this Sagittarius, and now as it’s out of retrograde it’s making its way back to Capricorn. This is a great position of Mercury for planning, organizing, getting your goals set for 2024, and achieving some clarity as you document your goals, wishes and dreams on paper ready to materialize!

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