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Horoscope Week December 25 2023 by Jennifer Angel

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2023

Welcome and happy holidays

This final last week of the year starts with a very positive interaction between Venus and Neptune, which gets your imagination going, sparks your intuition, and focuses your attention on being more accommodating with yourself and others. 

Midweek the Sun will Trine with Jupiter, one of the most advantageous interactions for the year, and at the same time full Moon in Cancer, the sign, the Moon rules, adds even more energy to this favorable, planetary interaction. it's a time to review, renew, and reset for 2024. Use the full Moon energy and the powerful energy of the Sun and Jupiter to set your intentions in place and decide what didn’t work in 2023, so you can let it go, and make space to attract something new and better.

Towards the end of the week, at the end of the year, Mercury and Mars conjunct, and combine their energies, however, Mercury is about to come out of retrograde on the 1st of January, which means during this interaction it is in what’s called the storm part of the transit. And with Mars being somewhat impulsive, this is a lesson in pulling back a little to think, and plan before you do or say anything.

At the same time, Venus will make her move from the sexy savvy Scorpio to the fire sign of Sagittarius, making this an amicable, energetic, and flirtatious energy to conclude the year and get ready for the new year. Combined with this, Venus will also Sextile Pluto, which offers opportunities for you to stand in your own circle of power and more importantly to make the decisions that are right for you as you move forward. 

The new year commences with both Jupiter and Mercury coming out of retrograde, which is a good sign or all of us as we move forward into 2024.

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