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Horoscope August 21 2023 Planetary Plus all Signs

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2023

Welcome to the week of August 21 in the astrological world. This is a very busy week. There’s lots going on, different planetary aspects, with an abundance of planets interacting with each other.  

So let’s get started and see what’s going on, however, before we delve in, I want to remind you that this is a Sun Sign report, and after the planetary report, I will be going through all of the individual signs. The sun sign report is very valuable to tune in to what’s coming up, but the real secret sauce and magic are in your personal birth chart. If you have never had a chart reading before, then, it’s an amazing and enlightening experience, which teaches you more about who you are, and gives you permission to accept yourself, every bit of yourself with no apologies, and this is one of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves. 

OK, so first of all this week, Venus and Jupiter are a square aspect, traditionally challenging, however, when it’s between Venus and Jupiter, then not so much, as it is a lot softer, although it does send a message to us to both idealistic and realistic of what we want. Really, we can do anything, but perhaps not all at once. So, it’s time to pace yourself and work towards your end goal step-by-step and go a little slower to work through things and finish them. 

This week on the 23rd the Sun will make its move from the lavish sign of Leo into the more subdued, detailed, and logical thinking sign of Virgo and as Mercury is also in Virgo, one of the signs Mercury rules, then this is a really positive planetary connection. However, Mercury is entering its retrograde transit mid-week, which traditionally is about a three-week transit, without taking into consideration the shadow transit, more on that with my mercury retrograde report.  In Virgo, it is a very advantageous retrograde because it does help you get down to business, get organized, and make a lot of headway on doing things behind the scenes, strategizing, and getting things into place. 

Mars, the planet of motivation, will connect in a Trine aspect with Pluto. The Trine is like an easy passage that opens up like a path of least resistance. It is thought to be a meant-to-be aspect. However, my experience is that even though it can indicate that it is a semi-destined aspect, as always, it needs your energy in there to say yes, I want that. Yes, I recognize that’s what I want to do, and for you to go after it. Otherwise, it could just as easily pass you by. 

Later in the week, over the weekend of the 26th and 27th, the Sun will be in opposition to Saturn. This is a trigger point to get things done and because Saturn is in Pisces, it is a message to trust your instincts and pay attention to both your intuition and logical senses. And at the same time, the action-oriented energy of planet Mars will make it move from Virgo to the cardinal sign of Libra. In this position, although Mars will work well with the Libra cardinal sign energy, it can also cause a great deal of frustration because Mars is impulsive and wants to push ahead and Libra wants to think things through and weigh up the pros and cons. So, if you feel like someone is pressuring you to get things done on their timeline then you want to ask yourself if it is important for you to get things done on their timeline. Or is it time for you  to set some boundaries and tell them what you are able to do in that specific time frame, and only you can answer that? 

Have a great week everyone, and before I get on to the individual sign report for all 12 signs, I want to highlight that my Life Purpose Mastery course is now available. This is a great course for anybody who wants to get back into the workforce or anybody who just you know wants to restart, reinvent themselves, or just want to kickstart your life to get clarity, get their goals in order, move forward, and make things happen.  

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