April 17 2023 Horoscope Report

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2023

This is a powerful week with intensified energy that you can use to move forward and make a difference in your life. We have the first of two eclipses, this one is a solar eclipse, which is New Moon energy. For a New Moon, it means that the Sun and the Moon are at the same degree, usually in the same sign, and this month it is in Aries. This represents a brand new start, which is a potent and positive energy that you can use to reevaluate where you are, and where you are going and make a plan to get there.

As this New Moon is a solar eclipse, it is way more powerful than a normal monthly New Moon. And it is taking place right on the cusp of when the Sun will transit to the next sign, which is Taurus. When the Sun / Moon or planets ingress to the next sign, they are at a 29 and 00 degree, which is called a critical degree, and is known to be even more intensified energy.

So, putting all this together, if you tune into this amazingly powerful energy, and stay focused on where you are going, rather than staying stuck in the past, you can build a momentum of energy, which can be life-shifting and life-changing. This is taking place over the 19th and 20th of April, depending on where you are in the world.

As the Sun and Moon both move into Taurus, this energy is more about stability and getting things set not just for now but for your future so you feel secure and supported. At the same time, or directly after at the end of the week on Friday the 21st, Mercury, also in the sign of Taurus, will enter its retrograde transit for the next three weeks.

Mercury retrograde is an excellent time for planning, getting organized, fact-checking, working on projects or ideas, and getting ready. It is a better time for preparation rather than to launch. So, for anything that you have already initiated or is in the works, use this time going forward over the next three weeks to fine-tune. My advice, if you are launching anything, is to wait until after Mercury comes out of its retrograde transit on May 14th / 15th, once again, depending on where you are located in the world. However, as I say, life doesn't always wait for Mercury to come out of retrograde, so if you do need to sign an important document or launch a project, just double check everything. 

This is a power-packed month, and this week you can move forward in a positive manner by first gaining clarity and then getting organized ready to put things into action towards the end of the month.


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