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ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 20, 2021

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2021
ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 20, 2021
Sun makes its move from Capricorn to Aquarius.The sun in the sign of Capricorn helps us get organized and it’s also the sign that textbook titles as controlling. Well, as I’m a Capricorn, I do subscribe to the belief somewhat, but hey, someone’s got to take control, right? The Capricorn energy does help you get organized and put things in place, think about your goals and where you want to be. The Capricorn energy gives you purpose for your work, which is important at any time, but especially now in this current world climate. As the sun makes its move into Aquarius, it’s a whole different energy of freedom and independence. It also signifies acceptance of other people who have a different opinion because guess what sometimes we just don’t agree with everyone and then there’s a need to agree to disagreed. You can’t expect everybody to be on the same page or wavelength, otherwise what would it be like, we would never learn anything. So, this really is the time to stand up and own your opinions in life, but also to let others to do the same, without resistance or conflict.


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