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ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 19, 2021

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2021

ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 19, 2021
Mars and Uranus conjunct / connect in Taurus.

With these two heavy-duty planets, Mars and Uranus connecting in a conjunction, which means there is an exact degree between planets and right now, in the sign of Taurus, what happen next can be totally unexpected. And on a day-by-day basis this could very well cause some frustration in our lives because Taurus energy likes to think things through and take their time. They need to make sure the decisions they’re making for themselves are the right ones.  Mars and Uranus together can result in sudden developments and the motivation of Mars pushes any development forward and maybe forward too fast because if you’re not ready it can feel like life is a little out of control. Well guess what, life right now can feel somewhat out of control with everything going on in the world. But all things do come to pass, and the main thing is that you keep your energy up stay positive. Every single day look for something that makes you smile and brings you joy. If there’s a Karen or Debbie downer in your life, maybe you just want to put some distance between you and them, for now. Many people are vulnerable right now and you want to surround yourself with people who are uplifting and positive people who inspire you and this will make a great deal of difference to your level of productivity.  



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