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ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 18, 2021 Aries

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2021

ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 18, 2021 Aries

Moon sextiles both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius.

Aries Moon can be impulsive and as Aries is ruled by Mars, when you have the combination of the Moon and Mars in any form then emotions are intensified, so be careful of reacting or overreacting to what somebody says or does. Also, during this time, a lot of people are going through a struggling time and it’s really good to make allowances for others, but also for yourself so you are not too hard on yourself. And as the Aries Moon is squaring (challenging) both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius this opens opportunities but be prepared to step out of your comfort zone to do something new and different. But make sure it’s something you feel inspired about not just anything and also something that’s going to serve you not just for today but in the future as well. Most of all follow your inner wisdom of what is right for you and not be too concerned about opinions of others.



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