ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 06, 2021

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ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 06, 2021

Passionate Mars enters Taurus, ruled by romantic Venus. When the vibrational energy of Mars and Venus are together it’s a sign that love, romance and passion are close by. However, it’s up to you to open your heart and let love in. Be mindful, though, that there are certain frustrations with Mars in Taurus, and the energy in many ways is conflicting. Mars is impulsive and Taurus is deliberate in its thoughts, actions and how they move forward. But instead of getting frustrated if things aren’t exactly moving at the speed that you want them to, you can use this time to take a step back and ponder your next move. Ask yourself, does this feel right, is this a good move for me, and will it move me in the direction of my desired outcome? When you take a moment to sit in solitude, reflect and ask questions, answers to come with such clarity that it surprises you.


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