ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 05, 2021

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ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 05, 2021

Libra Moon trines both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.  The Libra Moon helps to keep things in perspective, as you look at the pros and cons of a situation in your life. But be careful not to overthink a situation because even though the ability to analyze is indeed a characteristic gift, when the Moon is involved it’s a message to get in touch with your feelings as well as your logical senses and when something looks right and feels right there’s a good chance it is right. And as this planetary interaction trines, which is a favorable astral aspect, with both Jupiter and Saturn, opportunities can open for you to consider. But keep in mind that when Aquarius is involved, things can take on a different slant. So, the way you are used to things being, may not be how they develop – be flexible! Libra Moon is beautiful energy as it helps us to connect with others and focuses on relationships, but not just romantic relationships, but for all relationships, particularly for those we are closest to.


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