ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 03, 2021

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ANGEL’S Daily Blog Jan 03, 2021

Virgo Moon trines Uranus in Taurus and Sun in Capricorn. Earth signs rule today, which provides a great deal of grounding and permanency. Whatever is your highest priority right now, that’s where your focus will be. Think long term and work towards setting solid foundations to move forward with for 2021. You want to sort out what your intensions are and make a commitment. Of course, when we talk commitment, our minds can go straight to relationships, but it’s not always about the relationship you have with someone else, sometimes, it’s simply about the relationship you have with yourself. So, this week, be mindful to make a commitment to yourself, like a new year’s resolution and stay within integrity with yourself and see it through. But don’t try to do too much. You are best to focus on one main thing at a time, than to be overwhelmed and not do anything.


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