ANGEL’S Daily Blog APRIL 27, 2021

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ANGEL’S Daily Blog APRIL 27, 2021

DEAL WITH DEEP EMOTIONS, Instead of Pushing Down.

Pretty well everyone has secrets, even me and even you. And some of those secrets can be well buried in our subconscious, and for some these secrets can be so painful that it is too difficult to deal with. Now and again, something can take place in our life, an event or memory triggered, that will provide a link or association to our secrets and they can rise to the surface. When this happens, it’s a sign that you can deal with it, and if so, it is good to recognize and release. However, in the process of releasing try not to get too caught up in analysis, which can serve to keep you stuck. Feel the emotion and let it go. Allow yourself to get emotional, and then imagine the emotion is leaving your body. Take a deep breath and push the breath out while letting go of your emotional secret.

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