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Angel’s Daily Astro Blog Oct. 02, 2020

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2020

Angel’s Daily Astro Blog Oct. 02, 2020

Venus, the planet that governs both love and money, will make her move from Leo to Virgo today, and in Virgo, you will need to remember that with either of these areas the energy will focus more on the details of life. With love, for instance, to renew your love, you can reenact a special moment that you and your honey experiences, and this will help to ignite the love flames. With business, and monetary exchanges, make sure you double check everything. Be mindful that human errors do happens, and it is wise to keep a close eye on things, especially as we are now in what’s called the ‘shadow’ of the Mercury retrograde transit so it’s easier to overlook details. On a positive note, communications are highlighted, and as Virgo is creative energy, your instincts can kick in. So, pay attention to the coincidences of life as they will now provide the signs that help you make decisions along your journey.




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