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Angel’s Daily Astro Blog Dec. 26, 2020

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2020

Angel’s Daily Astro Blog Dec. 26, 2020

Gemini Moon trines both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. The Gemini Moon is lighthearted, and I love this energy as it allows your inner child to come out, and especially great for weekend energy, that’s of course if you get to have the weekend off. And if so, then plan on having some fun and connecting with others who are light and positive in their energy. And even if you can’t get out and about right now, depending on if your area is in lockdown, then be sure to make an effort online to connect with new and old friends. And with the Moon interacting with both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, the Aquarius anything really is about anything goes. So, let loose and decide right here and now to have fun and enjoy yourself.



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