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Angel’s Daily Astro Blog Dec. 11, 2020

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2020

Angel’s Daily Astro Blog Dec. 11, 2020

Sun in Sagittarius trines Mars in Aries, and as both these signs are fire signs, and the trine is an easy passage, this is the perfect time to get going and move into action. There are times to be silent and passive while you think things through and times to move forward and be proactive. The Sun and Mars combined energy in these go-getter signs is a message to put action to a goal or dream that means a lot to you, something close to your heart. And then when you put action to it, you let the universe know you are serious, not just pondering about what you want, but you have the will to make it happen, and at this point, the universe will step up to support you.  



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