Horoscope planetary forecast June 10 2024 by Jennifer Angel

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Welcome to the week of June 10, let’s see what the stars have in store for us this week.

Early in the week, Mars, the planet of motivation, assertiveness, and sometimes aggressiveness, will square with Pluto. Now, the square planetary interaction is traditionally a challenging aspect, and with a connection between Mars and Pluto it certainly can be. And as Mars is in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius, both these Sun signs are fixed signs, indicating there can be a lack of flexibility, so be mindful to relax your attitude and outwardly persona.

Be careful that you don’t dig your heels in so much that you miss out on what is happening. A smart move would be to capitalize on what’s going on right now, rather than trying to fight it, fix it, or keep a rigid stance just for the sake of being right or to keep your power.

Midweek, Mercury, the thinking planet will also square with Saturn, however, with Mercury in Gemini and Saturn in Pisces, these are mutable signs, so it softens the potential conflict. It can help you see things with more clarity, the good, bad, and the indifference, of people or situations, and be able to make more informed decisions about how to move forward positively.

At the end of the week, the Sun will conjunct Mercury, and as the Sun and Mercury travel very closely together, never any more than 30° apart, this is not an unusual conjunction. However, with all conjunctions, it is a trigger point. And as this is taking place in a sign of Gemini, what transpires with the previous two squares, the Sun and Mercury in Gemini can help you come to a suitable and satisfying outcome.

The main message for this week is to stay open to possibilities, negotiations, and compromises. A small compromise can make a huge difference in the outcome.

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